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10 Best Supplements for Male Health

10 Best Supplements for Male Health

Phillip Taylor 441 21-Dec-2019

The modern rhythm of life, constant stress, and malnutrition lead to the fact that purely male diseases have become steadily “younger.” For example, inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis, adenoma), infertility, and potency disorders are already observed at the age of 25. Many men begin to look for ways to prevent and treat these and other diseases outside the doctor’s office - for various reasons, and, one way or another, they opt for dietary supplements. But are all dietary supplements equally effective? Let's try to figure it out.

· What are male dietary supplements and what do they give?

First of all, all-male dietary supplements according to the Guidelines like "Determining the safety and effectiveness of biologically active food supplements" are divided into three main groups, these are:

• Nutraceuticals, which are used to correct the chemical composition of the diet and are often used in sports nutrition, they are additional sources of nutrients - amino acids, proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements, dietary fiber;

• Parapharmaceuticals, which are used for prevention as adjunctive therapy and to maintain the functional activity of organs and systems, otherwise they are called bioregulators;

• Probiotics, which also include prebiotics, include beneficial bacteria and their metabolic products, which have a normalizing effect on the structure and composition of the digestive tract microflora, pro and prebiotics regulate intestinal microbiocenosis, and indirectly strengthen the immune system.

If it comes to purely male diseases, you should pay attention to the group of para pharmaceuticals, it is these dietary supplements that are a means of adjunctive therapy in the treatment of pathologies of the prostate gland and, in general, the entire urogenital system of men. If you want to know how to find a foreign wife but struggle with the male health problems, the next information will be useful for you.

· How to choose dietary supplements for men?

In comparison, consider the most popular dietary supplements on the pharmaceutical market for men who need to maintain the functions of the genitourinary system and reduce the risk of diseases of the prostate gland - prostatitis, prostate adenoma, prostate, these are:

• Phytoprostan (Finland);

• Prostamol (Germany);

• ProstaSabal (Russia).

There are many erection pills on the market, but how to choose the best? Here we will consider the most effective one.

1. Activators of NO synthase. Tablets have a relaxing effect on the pelvic organs, while not affecting blood pressure and heart. Bright representative - "Impaz."

2. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors restore blood circulation in the genitals. A typical representative is "Cialis."

3. Increasing the concentration of testosterone (hormonal drug "Methyltestosterone").

4. Alpha-blockers. They activate blood circulation in the intimate area and prevent the formation of spasms. “Phentolamine” is a common drug from this group.

5. Analogs of prostaglandin. Available as injections and rarely used.

6. Biological additives. Drugs with natural ingredients, for example, "Alikaps."

7. Spasmodics ("Papaverine").

8. "Levitra." Well-known drugs with vardenafil in the composition. Stimulate blood circulation and promote a natural erection.

9. "Dapoxetine." The pills effectively fight premature ejaculation. The composition includes the active substance of the same name. 30 mg of the drug should be taken an hour before sex.

10. "Avanafil." The pills provide great opportunities in bed, make a man active, and gives a persistent erection. Restrain from it if you suffer from diseases of the liver and kidneys or stomach ulcers.


Natural preparations used to regulate sexual function are diverse in composition. Their components, as a rule, improve the general physical condition of the body, which is also manifested in relation to sexual function.

• ginseng root - widely used in East Asian countries as a tonic and aphrodisiac, has a restorative, revitalizing, anti-aging agent.

• seahorse is a popular remedy in traditional oriental medicine resulting in a decrease in potency. It is considered a valuable medicine, and in combination with ginseng and sow thistle - an unsurpassed aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire, stamina, enhances the brightness of orgasm.

• tea penny (popular name "red root") - Altai endemic, effective for symptoms of diseases of the genitourinary system in men, as well as in the complex treatment of diseases of the genital area, restores and strengthens male potency and strength; has a strengthening effect on the whole body.

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