Butterfly Park Sharjah

Butterfly house is the place where butterflies seek shelters and can even stay for a long time. This man-made beautiful butterfly house has been built in Sharjah. You can get up over 20 exotic species with an imposing nature surrounding with plants which have been the primary attraction for the tourists. 

Discover Butterfly House: 

Butterfly house has been a culture trip Sharjah of all time for the tourists due to its natural environment, art & sculpture which includes fossil rock, torus by David Harber, steel sculpture, etc.

Noor Café: 

Satisfy your cravings in Noor Café a family restaurant in Sharjah which is located inside the butterfly house which gives you a variety of snacks and drinks in a green natural venue which is a home of 500 exotic butterflies.

Things to Do at The Butterfly house: 

We provide a bunch of indoor activities in Sharjah, as you can keep your kids busy inside the butterfly house with games and family fun. During the holiday it can be fun and crazy when families visit our place because we provide the selection of family activities in Sharjah inside the butterfly house, In butterfly park Sharjah long tunnel has been built to provide the natural home and environment to butterflies, come and discover the land of nature., come and discover the land of nature. 

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