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Top 5 Hair Care Tips For Your Healthy Hair

Top 5 Hair Care Tips For Your Healthy Hair

Pamela Foester 838 19-Dec-2019

Tip Number One: Wrap your hair when you sleep.

I do not wrap my hair if I forget to go like to wrap my hair before I go sleep I can feel the cloth on my pillows like snagging at my hair and ripping out my hair and so it's like a must to wrap your hair every night. but You have to wrap your hair before you sleep. 

Tip Number Tow: Always moisturize and seal your hair. 

Always moisturize and seal your hair with coconut oil or other products that suit your scalp. and I know this might seem crazy but I think part of the reason why like my hair dress break off is that they not enough moisture but my hair sucks up moisture so fast that it's like it's hard to keep up with it. 

Tip Number Three: Use protein products for better growth. 

 I use Redken Extreme Cat Treatment as my protein. This product comes with taurine technology along with cationic proteins that help users to repair damaged hair. The product makes your hair softer and shinier and helps you to get silky locks. Its conditioning formula makes hair healthier and quite manageable. Its protein reaches the roots and helps our scalp to grow stronger and healthier can follow these steps to use this: 

· Apply Redken Extreme Cat Treatment on your hair  

· Massage it in your hair  

· Leave it in your hair  

· Rinse your hair after 15 minutes    

Tip Number Four: always trim your hair

I know some people they think getting trims is like the end of the world like getting trims is taking away hair but in reality, it's making your hair healthier so it can grow more and I know some people who go like months and months and months like six months without trimming their hair. but I would recommend you to trim your hair at list after 2 or 3 will help you to get heth growth of your hair. 

Tip Number Five: Drink enough water. 

The human body mass is made up of 50-70% drinking water is important for your hair drink enough amount of water.

I'm Pamela Foester. I'm a Beautician. I'm fond of writing amazing content in the Cosmetics Products including Hair Extensions, Hair Care Products, Beauty and Skin Care Products. I always explore new products and their benefits.

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