How To Set Up A Lead Generation Site Properly

Lead generation, when done via a Wordpress site, could be extremely complicated to set up. With multiple variables to keep into consideration, ranging from its build to the cost of maintenance, building an entire site for lead gen purposes could be complicated. Let's analyse how to make this process easier. 

Deliver Simple UX 

When set up properly, a simple UX could guarantee massive results in terms of conversion rate. Take a look at this commercial property auctions page, which, with a minimalistic design, delivers precise guidelines towards the success page. With such design, it's very easy to point users towards a conversion. 

Optimise Your Images 

When running a new Wordpress site, its graphics could heavily impact the way pages operate, from both a loading speed's perspective and, most importantly, when it comes to having widgets working simultaneously. Optimising your images could mean everything from having them correctly reshaped or using different forms of compression for them. 

To Conclude 

It may seem hard to believe but small changes actually can make a lot of differences when it comes to lead generation on Wordpress

  Modified On Dec-18-2019 11:22:06 AM

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