Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream Review

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream Review

hey everybody welcomes, in today's article we gonna be doing a hair review the reason I look a little but not so put together it's cold at that is because I need to still go in the shower and wash my hair. 

I thought why not do a year review like a curly product review just showing you guys some new products that I've got in because I know you guys enjoy anything cool related I received this package.

This is a good couple of products from Moroccan oil I thought I would do a nice little review on these products because I know some of you guys do enjoy a Moroccan oil product just gonna quickly go through it so they said dear polar be a queen crowned by your calls in a cute little note cry so this is the while this is in a completely different language.

I'm assuming this isn't okay the boy I'm picking up here is activator so I'm assuming this is a call activator this is a curl-enhancing shampoo maybe this is the conditioner, okay so this is a curl-enhancing shampoo phosphate and paraben-free colour safe as well. 

This is the Culkin's in conditioner they sink me they entire like all range so we're rocking oil came out with this cute Colerain JH and then that was a saint over the coal defining cream and an intense cold cream he's a cute little bottle. 

So I'm assuming these are very concentrated because they come in such tiny little bottles and then the last one I think is a coal re-energizing spray for all coal types this one says it's a coal refresh are infused with argan oil that reactivates end of the day or day two calls. 

I'm gonna go shower quick sticks get done and then just like friction up and then I'll see you guys right now okay guys so I am back I just showered washed my heat and I used the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream that I showed you guys so right now my E is completely clean just wait this is what my hair looks like. 

When it's completely clean and wait I googled what this is and this is the coal activating conditioner they say you need to leave it in for one to two minutes so this is not the product that I should be using as I believe in treatment there was a curling like cream but they didn't send that to me so I'm going to be using these two yeah it's like Marconi and cream so I'm gonna use this one this is the cold defining cream from Moroccan oil

I'm just going to apply it as I would like any other coating queen it smells so good it's like Moroccan oil products have a very like strong argan oil st. and to me they almost smell like very like masculine. 

I don't know why I always think that but I just love the way these products small they're so nice just going to scrunch up these areas and I think. 

I'm pretty satisfied with that the hey feels like it's got enough product on it guys my ears gotten so long if you guys go back and read article or if you watch even if you even look at pictures from like I don't know like two years ago three years ago you will be like wow is that even the same thing at my ease change so so much it's crazy so you guys also always ask me about this brush that I use. 

This is honestly like a cheap EGP brush it even saves like cosmopolitan on earth I got this brush in a Cosmo magazine like it was proper TV like a freebie thing but it's such a good brush for curling these like little butts of hay so what I'm doing now is I'm just curling the hair with my fingers like I always do. 

I like to do this was my fringe just because I like to have a pretty like defined fringe and then would be sections on the side I'll use as a brush to curl it or like where I just feel I need some extra definition at the back I usually need like lots of definition in terms of my diffuser that I use GHD air dryer. 

So I'm just going to quickly diffuse my here all righty people so I've got my he like basically as dry as I possibly could considering that it's like so I'm gonna a dry but more this is basically the result of my here you once. 

It's not nice and diffused so this is using the cold defining cream from Moroccan oil and in all honesty, I'll give like a little review if you want to call it that I absolutely love number one the st. of the product I love how light that is on my here I didn't use this one the intense core cream and even touch this just because I don't like products that were too heavy on.

Here that they a becomes almost oily and so I went with just the normal curling cream for the year and I am loving the results of this as I mentioned to you guys I liked having my fringe a little bit more defined like my aim is still dry and there's so much volume.

So much bounds in definition in the a already I'm like oh I know what it's gonna look like when it's dry so I am loving it yeah just the texture of the product on my a is great like it doesn't feel sticky it doesn't funny residue on my hands either which I like. 

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