How to Find and Repair Bathtub Leakage?

How to Find and Repair Bathtub Leakage?

Firstly, you have to find out the exact area or leakage point in water bathtub and ensure for the reasons why leakage too? Generally, there are some significant points in bathtub where leakage issues may arise such as Faucet, Grout, Bathtub body, Overflow pipes or Burst pipe, and Drain. However, these are commonly acknowledged areas in a water bathtub, which may start leakage due to any damage done with water bathtub, excessive water flow, and any other reasons too. You can easily identify the water leakage at faucet and grout of water bathtub. But, the leakage at other points in bathtub is not easy to spot. In case, if your faucet and grot is free from leakage issues, then problem may occur in pipe and drain of water bathtub. However, it is required to find out real reason of water leakage in pipe and drain and to the needful to repair the leakage wisely.  

To get rid of such water leakage issues in bathtub, you need to call to the best bathroom plumbing service provider in the industry else, you can follow up below steps to repair water leakage in bathtub on your own:

1. Find out the Exact Leakage Point of Bathtub

As mentioned above, the water leakage in bathtub may occur at five spots like faucet, grout, drain, pipe, and at bathtub body. So, you need to make an experiment of dripping paper at all five areas of bathtub first. The leaked point in tub will surely make paper wet that will confirm you about exact area of leakage of bathtub. However, you can easily observe or find out the right point of water leakage in bathtub and start the repairing process accordingly.

2. Repair the Spotted Point of Bathtub

Once you recognize the exact point of water leakage in bathtub, you should start treatment of repairing it through possible ways. For instance, if leakage is at faucet of bathtub, you should repair it wisely. Firstly, you need to water supply off through pipes to start repairing work. You need to remove both hot and cold water supplies to the bathtub before pursuing for repairing work. Now, you should needful plumbing equipment like screwdriver, wrench, etc., to remove faucet from bathtub with safety. After removing faucet from water bathtub, you need to fix the leakage issues correctly. If find it suitable to replace the faucet or install new gasket inside the tub before you do replacement of faucet in the bathtub again. If you are not able to manage this step on your own, you should avail the best bathroom plumbing services of experienced plumbers of the industry as well.

3. Do Possible Repairing of Grout and Bathtub Body

If there is a small leak at grout and body of bathtub in the form of crack or hole, you need to fix that gap by applying strong sealant. Before applying sealant on the damaged area of grout and small gaps of bathtub, you have to first off water supply in the tub. After stopping water flow into the tub, you need to apply for quality sealant on the affected area on bathtub and cover whole leakage of tub with sealant completely. Now, you need to wait for few hours till the sealant applied on grout or bathtub gets dried and fixed on the leakage. During hours, you should keep off water supply into the tub.

Thus, above are three possible ways to spot leakage problem in water bathtub and its solution to fix the issues smartly. If you are unable to manage the whole process on your own, you should not be late to call to the best bathroom plumbing service agencies in Singapore. At the trusted firms, you will surely get highly effective plumbing services of all kinds at reasonable charges.

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