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10 Highly Effective Tips For Designing Your Next Website

10 Highly Effective Tips For Designing Your Next Website

Adam Mathews 735 18-Dec-2019

Web design is a crucial part of any website, especially when it's part of your marketing strategy. Here are ten highly effective tips for designing your website for your next big project :-

10 Highly Effective Tips For Designing Your Next Website

Prioritise website speed: Believe it or not, if website speed is not your priority your business is going to suffer. When customers visit your site, they expect to scroll through the different sections quickly and smoothly without experiencing technical glitches. If your website is slow, they will not want to visit again. Further, search engines also consider the speed at which a page loads while ranking sites. So a fast speed website is more likely to feature among the top searches.  

Keep the choices limited: If you keep the choices, limited customers are more likely to make a quicker choice. It will boost your conversions. To reduce the options for customers try limiting form fields, reduce the number of items you put on your menu, display social buttons only if you are active on those networks. It will ensure that your customers focus more on what is in front of them.  

Keep the design simple: A simple website design is usually more soothing to the eye and is likely to attract more customers. You can use different strategies to do this. Try using standard layouts rather than experimenting with new ones. Customers tend to prefer familiar designs. A new layout may make it difficult for them to locate different items. Not adding a sidebar may also be a good idea. Instead, add single-columns so the customers can stay focused.  

Make your site easy to scroll: Although traditionally customers had to click on individual items to view them, scrolling is a popular choice these days. The best way to make all your items accessible and easily viewable is to put them in one page and make them easy to scroll.  

Use human figures in your images: When adding images, consider putting those that have human figures. For instance, when advertising for a bag don't just put a picture of the bag. Instead, try something where someone is holding the bag. It will help your customers connect with the image, and they are more likely to purchase it.  

Make use of public reviews and ratings: Leveraging social proof can convince customers about your products, and they may want to purchase it. This is especially true for e-commerce websites. Add positive reviews and higher ratings from people for every product. When customers find that something is a popular choice, they may also choose it.  

Make your headlines clear and descriptive: Clear and descriptive captions tend to attract more visitors. Similarly, highlighting your brand's message can also benefit you. People are more likely to follow your brand once they have a clear idea in their head.  

Keep room for white space: Despite the amount of information you want to put on a page, you need to have white space. In short, you need to avoid cluttering. If there is enough white space on a page, the information looks spaced out and is soothing to the eyes. Viewers find it easier to scroll through all the information on the page.  

Avoid rotating sliders and carousels on page: Although rotating sliders and carousels have been popular for a long time, they are not feasible if you want to inform your viewers about your site. This is because viewers tend to see only the first slide. Instead, stack your sliders and make them scrollable. Use images to make them more impactful.  

Strategise your call-to-action button: Make your call-to-action buttons more evident on the page. Your sales can increase depending on where and how you put them. It can also increase your email subscriber base. Instead of asking your visitors to 'Purchase' or 'Sign Up', make it innovative and engaging, so they check it out willingly.  

These tips can be highly effective for your website. They can bring in a lot of money and provide additional support to your business. Use the above given tips to design your website. I think that will suffice your needs of website designing. If you still need the help of professionals for designing your website than hire website designers who will help you in effectively designing your website.

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