6 Most Popular Sports in the World

6 Most Popular Sports in the World

Here we make a list of the six sports that are most popular in every corner of the world, three of them several of our boys practice them and excel in their competitions. In addition, we tell you what are the benefits of major Mt-Police sports practising them.

1. Soccer

It is well known that football is the most popular sport in the world. For his joy, for the World Cup that excites everyone and also because it is a sport that men and women can practice at any age.

Its benefits are several: greater resistance, 100% heart and lungs, healthy body and, obviously, strengthens your legs.

Football is a sport that unites us, so we invite you to practice it with family or friends. It is a good plan where you can work togetherness and teamwork, why don't you already plan a game this weekend to change your usual Sunday plans?

2. Volleyball

Volleyball is also a popular sport with more than 900 million fans around the world. This sport is especially known because in schools it is practiced quite a lot since it helps to work in a team. It is a seemingly simple sport, because you only need a mesh and a ball to practice it, but it is a very complete discipline and its benefits are several: it helps you have more agility and improve cardiovascular pressure. Stimulates growth in boys and stimulates accuracy. What if on your next vacation you dare to organize a volleyball match with your family?

3. Tennis

Tennis is a well-known sport and preferred by people to practice it individually. This is evident with the tournaments of the world circuit that every year summons the best tennis players in the world. The hobby of tennis is not negligible, on the contrary, thousands of people are scheduled annually to attend the four Grand Slam and watch the tennis stars shine on the most prestigious courts in the world.

Its benefits are physical and psychological, so many experts recommend tennis to have a full body and mind job.

4. Swimming

Swimming is an extraordinary sport to work the body without strong impacts, which is why it is recommended to lead a healthy life and as an accident or surgery recovery therapy. This sport is exceptional for all people, so we invite you to consider it as a healthy lifestyle habit.

Its benefits: your quality of life improves by 100%, favors your cardio-respiratory activity, works your back, relaxes you mentally, strengthens your entire body, improves your mobility and elasticity.

5. Athletics

Athletics is the main element of the Olympic Games since its creation. It is a sport that has historically convened men and is composed of 'natural' physical actions such as jumping, running and launching. In the program there are several athletes that we support and that shine in each competition. Its benefits are several: it decreases the heart rate and increases the size of the heart, strengthens bones and muscle development.

6. Basketball

Basketball (basketball) has more than one billion followers. It is an important sport in the United States, with the NBA that generates more than 4,750 million dollars in annual income. There are professional leagues in Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Argentina, China and more that appear every year.

Do you doubt if it is the second after football? It is because in the last 10 years, data on professional league income, television contracts and the popularity of sport in general show that basketball has gained massive popularity outside the United States. It is rapidly becoming a great sport in Canada, China, Spain, the Philippines, Australia, Turkey, France, Germany and some other minor European countries such as Poland, etc.

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