List of the 5 Best Ways to Optimize Your Salesforce CRM

List of the 5 Best Ways to Optimize Your Salesforce CRM

In these times of wild fight between companies to survive in the jungle of steel in which we live, any differential factor can be crucial to achieving success or at least survival. Today we have to talk about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which are applications that allow us to centralize all communications between a company and its customers in a single database. 

A CRM application is normally aimed at managing three basic areas: business management, marketing, and customer service. In this way, you can improve relationships with all your customers, including potential interested in your products and services. You can also build more effective marketing campaigns by knowing better what your customers want.

For our part, we recommend Salesforce CRM software. Here you will know five simple and easy ways to implement to get better performance from your Salesforce CRM:

1) Integrating Salesforce

It´s a good idea to implement data integrations in your CRM to be able to build a unified view of your customers. By interconnecting the databases, your company will gain a competitive advantage by being able to leverage the data more efficiently. Also, Salesforce will facilitate the work of your employees.

Through the Salesforce API functionality, you can integrate your CRM with the company's existing applications, achieving greater efficiency and work consistency. Also, you will be able to connect broken systems, unifying accounting systems, human resources, and ERP with social media platforms, e-commerce and even local software such as Oracle, Microsoft or SAP. With solid API integration, you can reduce user administration processes.

We recommend hiring an experienced team of developers from one of the emerging salesforce consulting companies to reduce the integration and adaptation time of your company.

2) Implementing Salesforce

Salesforce includes, in addition to its unlimited potential, a very rigorous implementation process that guarantees that it will be the ideal CRM solution for your company. If you are implementing Salesforce for the first time, we recommend determining which processes define your business model. This will make it possible to implement a customized Salesforce solution for your pre-existing corporate architecture.

CRM processes (such as campaign configuration, flow of potential clients and planning look for new clients) require preparation, planning and, above all, thoroughness.

3) Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce CRM application offers two interface options: Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. Taking into account the robust features offered by the Lightning platform, which is designed to maximize the productivity of its sales representatives and integrated with business analysis and intelligence, we recommend using this option.

Lightning Experience offers a more visually appealing homepage (including performance graphs), a calendar module, organized views of the potential customers flow, and prospects for contacts and help accounts for your sales team. You can also add tasks, events, monitor activities and record calls on the Activity Timeline.

4) Salesforce Visualforce

Salesforce offers us its Visualforce application to access pre-built applications that improve the functionality of your CRM. However, if you aren´t a developer, the Salesforce Visualforce application can be a difficult challenge, as it works with a tag-based markup language similar to HTML. Obviously, this is a job for developers with experience in CRM.

Visualforce offers some useful features such as custom flow control through its assistants, templates, optional style elements to make the user interface more attractive and animated, among others. Visualforce also allows you to optimize the page components.

Finally, Visualforce can be integrated with other web user interface technologies, like JavaScript or Flash.

5) Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange is an ecosystem of cloud-based enterprise applications. There is a wide variety of custom applications available, including customer reviews, and suitable for each department and industry. Through components such as Lighting Data and Bolt Solutions, you can extend the power of Salesforce and get positive business results, such as greater accuracy, faster order deliveries and reduce costs.

One of the biggest advantages of AppExchange is the vibrant community of partners available to answer questions and help you at every step.


Today it's very necessary to adopt the best CRM solution possible (such as Salesforce) to maximize the efficiency of your company and gain ground for competitors. Once again, it's important to look for capable and experienced Salesforce developers to implement this CRM solution, as a bad implementation could be very harmful to your company.

A good example of what we recommend would be Chetu Inc., a software development company founded in 2000, which guarantees the delivery of an optimized and customized platform for your corporate needs, ensuring that you can get the most out of the platform Salesforce CRM.

In short, don't skimp on expenses and always look for the best options available.

Last updated:8/5/2020 10:59:35 PM
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