8 technologies redefining the casino experience

8 technologies redefining the casino experience

The evolution of technology is completely changing the casino world. Just a few years back, anyone who wanted to place a bet or have a spin on the slots had to go out into the big bad world to do so. Now, however, it’s a completely different story.  

Gamblers who want to try their luck nowadays need only switch on their laptop, tablet, or download an app on their mobile phone to have access to everything from racing bets to online poker.  

In a world where convenience is favored, it’s now easier than ever to gamble away the evenings- all thanks to technology. In 2019, players have the chance to do and experience so much more than they ever have in the casino world - and it’s all for the better.  

Here are 8 technologies that are redefining the casino experience.  

Endless games choices 

While many used to judge their choice of casino based on how many game tables and slot machines it had, online gambling has changed the game by offering thousands of options all on one platform. Whether you’re looking to have a little fun, pass an afternoon away or play big - there’s something out there for everyone, meaning the business opportunities are endless.  

Virtual reality 

According to Gambling News Magazine, virtual reality, real money games have been a long time coming, seen as the first headset ever created is now over 50 years old. Wearable technology has now taken the gaming experience to a whole new level as casinos can now blend real-life interaction with old favorites. VR technology is still on the rise, too, with options from Sony’s PlayStation, HTC’s Vive and even Facebook’s Oculus on the market.   

While the big card games are still very much at the forefront of casinos, we may see a shift towards VR in the future as it starts getting taken more seriously. Similarly, we may start to see a rise in the number of augmented reality games out there in the casino world. This semi-digital platform is sure to open even more doors and attract a whole new crowd to gambling.  

The chance to play together 

In a time where casinos are thought to be cowering away into the darkness of people’s homes, the online world is now more sociable than ever. As Weekly Slots News states, one of the main reasons people enjoy gambling is for entertainment - and some simply don’t enjoy sitting at casino table with a poker face all night.   

New technology now allows gamers to play with or against each other worldwide for the most immersing experience possible. With a boosted chance of winning big prizes and the chance to connect with others online, customers are starting to see the benefits and (of course) casinos will keep developing what their foundation likes and wants.  

Improved graphics both online and in land resorts 

It’s no question that graphics have improved significantly over the years - we all had a few terrible games on Playstation 1 back in the day, right? New and improved graphics are drawing more and people to play both online and in-person simply because they look more aesthetic and easy to play. Simple, right?   

When Minecraft announced its graphics were going to be more realistic going into 2020, people started to take notice. The exact same is now happening in the gambling world. Video slots, for example, are already progressing immensely, and the opportunity to play them online now opens an even bigger market.   

Concierge applications 

While much of the technology surrounding gambling has bettered the experience of the games themselves, it’s crucial for businesses both big and small to never forget the importance of good old customer service. Land resorts, who have always shone for pampering their guests, are now releasing concierge apps in a bid to give customers everything they could ever want at the press of a button.  

These apps can make dinner reservations, give guests the chance to play free slots for the chance to win a free stay, and will even control the environment of the hotel room. This tiny move is definitely going in the right direction to help land resorts to continue to thrive.   


With so many people now accessing casino games online, operators are now able to figure out behavior patterns among their players. These patterns are crucial for letting casinos know exactly what gamblers are looking for when choosing games. Tracking the history of a player means that casinos can then tailor their future work towards the most popular choices - thus resulting in more income. Being able to get hold of real data is a complete game changer for operators to find out exactly what their customers want.  

More bonuses than ever 

A land-resort casino can only give so much back to its players, especially seen as revenue continues to fall. Just last month casino hub Macau revealed it was edging towards its first annual revenue decline in three years, so operators really are watching the pennies. Online casinos, however, are booming - meaning users are taking advantage of a whole load of great bonuses.  

Lucian Marinescu, partner at Online Casino Gems, encouraged the use of bonuses. He said: “Bonuses, free spins, and matched deposit offers are a great way for casinos to get more customers online, and it’s definitely giving gambling websites the winning edge.”  

More regulations 

Often businesses look upon rules and regs as a way to take people down, but when it comes to gambling online, it’s actually a good thing. Government crackdowns on the industry help to protect players from fraud and gambling addictions. Having regulations in place doesn’t only benefit players - it helps casinos operators themselves to a better job of finding and retaining new customers.  

The bottom line 

VR, concierge applications, improved graphics - you name it, we’re going to see it all leading into 2020. While some may think the good old days of the casino are gone, we believe this is only just the beginning... 

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