7 awesome gifts for a software developer

7 awesome gifts for a software developer

We all know someone who is constantly stuck to a computer screen, running through code, and trying to get the seemingly impossible to work. Programmers are easy to buy for if you live in the tech world yourself, those who hardly know how to download an image on their phone tend to struggle.   

While buying a standard Christmas mug or candle is easy enough, it can lack the originality and love of a well-thought-out present. Here are 7 awesome gifts for software developers that won’t cost you the world and will show that you really do care.  

Blue-light blocking glasses 

It’s no secret that insomnia often goes hand in hand with those who spend their working hours looking at a screen, and computer vision syndrome is often to blame. Long-term exposure to blue light from computers, tablets, smartphones, and games can disrupt your entire system - with your eyes, serotonin levels, and your circadian rhythms suffering the most.   

Blue-light blocking glasses are perfect for anyone whose overall health seems to be struggling because of their job. These stylish glasses from .life help to block those harmful blue light rays and reduce screen flare - helping the wearer to sleep better and feel healthier. Plus, the company promises little to no reduction in vision quality. 

Raspberry Pi 

While the Raspberry Pi has been around for a long time now, it never seems to go out of fashion and simply keeps getting better. Since you may be wondering, this isn’t a misspelled sweet treat - it’s an entire mini-computer that’s great for tinkering around with programming. Impressive, right?   

This piece of kit is also super affordable and so small it can fit into the palm of your hand. The brand new Raspberry Pi 4 can be run on two monitors at once with 4K output, is faster than ever, and comes with two USB ports to transfer data at super speed. It can be built to do whatever the user wants with basic coding knowledge,whether that’s a smart home hub, media center, factory controller, or AI core.  

Gaming keyboard 

The chances are that if your friend is into software developing, they’re also into gaming. If this is the case, then now’s the time to treat them to a great gaming keyboard from Razer. The legendary brand’s Razer Huntsman keyboard allows the user to rack up keypresses at an impressive speed during fast-paced games and is light and clicky, making for smooth play.  

The key stabilizer bar makes sure keycap motion remains level, and Razer promises durability of up to 100 million keystrokes. Oh, and did we mention this keyboard can be purchased in classic black, quartz pink and mercury white for added personalization? A well-made gaming keyboard is essential in any computer lover’s office for an unbeatable gaming experience every time.  

Kool8 water bottle 

We all know that those who claim to be ‘stuck to a computer’ all-day aren’t lying, and we know this means they’re probably not keeping themselves hydrated. While hydration is crucial for weight management, healthy skin, and keeping joints lubricated - it’s also important to stop the eyes from getting tired and dry during long days. 

For those who struggle to stay away from their screen for longer than a second - here I introduce the Kool8 water bottle. This super-stylish and eco-friendly bottle has double-walled insulation to keep water cold for 24 hours - meaning your gamer friends will be able to stay coding while looking after their health. It works both ways, too, as it can keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours - perfect for those who need to stay awake in the office after a long night gaming!  

CBD oil 

Ever find that your techy friends seem to be the most stressed-out people around? It makes sense - but there are a few ways to combat those feelings out there on the market that are super affordable and don’t involve prescribed medication.  

Although the effects need to be studied further, CBD oil is now taken by millions of Americans to help with stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Before you ask, CBD oil isn’t the same as marijuana - it doesn’t bring on psychoactive effects in the way that smoking cannabis does. Instead, it has a great range of super therapeutic effects- including the ability to relieve pain, clear skin, and even help with memory function. GiftWits made a list of the best CBD oils on the market here.  

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Watch 

While we all have to work, sitting at a computer desk for hours on end each day can have some pretty detrimental effects on the body. Encourage your friends to get up and moving in the new year with the Garmin Forerunner - it’s made to suit absolutely every physical ability level while allowing the user to play their favorite tunes when out and about.   

If your friends need further encouragement, you could suggest they download gaming or coding podcasts onto the watch to listen to so they’re never far from the tech world! It is comfortable and lightweight enough to wear day-long, too. To find out more about the Garmin Forerunner, check out Cool Things Chicago’s great gift selection here.  

Custom star map 

Sometimes we all get a little tired of our jobs and it can be hard to pick ourselves back up and we end up looking everywhere for motivation that simply never arrives- until now. Twinkle in Time’s Custom Star Maps are the perfect addition to any software developer’s office to give them a little pick-me-up every now and again.  

Simply choose the date and location of a special time in their life, and the company’s special software will produce a high-quality poster showing exactly how the stars were aligned on that day. Choose the day they got their job, their wedding anniversary, or even the day they landed their first big break in the tech world. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to keep them perky and motivated to keep persevering with the work at hand. 

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