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Advantages of Anodizing On Aluminum Products

Advantages of Anodizing On Aluminum Products

Bin Dasmal General Trading 550 15-Dec-2019

Aluminum products are incredibly popular for several good reasons. It is a versatile material which is easy to work with. It is less expensive compared to several traditional materials and are easy to install. Aluminum alloy 3003 products are incredibly light in weight compared to other sheets. They also have the highest strength to weight ratio and are even superior to steels. The light weight characteristic of aluminum makes it a great roofing material.

Aluminum sheets are environment friendly and corrosion resistant. They do not corrode or rust making it an ideal choice for highly industrial and corrosive environments. They are robust in nature and can last up to 50 years or even longer.

Anodising of aluminum is an electro-chemical process where the surface of the aluminum is modified din to very hard and transparent layers. Anodising process provides an excellent corrosion resistant aluminum product which is exceptionally durable. Anodised aluminum products are pure aluminum with all of its inherent qualities. The recyclability of the aluminum material is not compromised after the anodisation process. Continuous anodising is done to have perfect control of the metal aspect and they are ideally suited for large surface areas.  

There are several advantages to anodising the aluminum sheets. Anodising is a unique process for aluminum products and it helps to enhance the surface of the aluminum. The main advantages of anodized aluminum products are as follows: 

  • They provide high abrasion resistance power.
  • Prevents the risk of fading and chalking
  • Provides optimal surface coverage
  • Provides exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Increased product guarantee.
  • They are 100% recyclable.

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