How to choose the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet

How to choose the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet

A home is not only a place for beings to live in. Well, most homes are even happier and sweeter when the homeowners are taming pets like cats and dogs. It is true that adopting a pet is quite difficult because it takes a big responsibility to own one. This includes ample time to feed, wash, walk around or play with it and clean its mess. And then, when this pet is fond of running around the house, you will surely find his hair everywhere, especially in the living room. However, if you have the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, then cleaning the house is not a headache.

Some of the pet owners out there are surely scratching their heads when they can see pet hair all over the house. You should know that sweeping and mopping is not the best solution to this. Instead of using such techniques, you should learn to choose the best cordless vacuum for pet hair. Well, i also know that a lot of homeowners do have a vacuum to clean the carpet, sofa or couch in the rooms. But this might not be the one that is specifically designed to eliminate those scattered hairs of your lovely and charming pets.

That's why, you have to know what cordless vacuum to buy and how to choose one. Actually, it won't be practical and economical to just buy a vacuum cleaner. It has to be designed according to its purpose and that is for pet hair. As consumers, you will not simply pick one just because of its design and brand. You need to make sure that you are going to spend your money wisely by choosing the best cordless vacuum tube that is specifically made for pet hair. So, we have here a few tips to take note about how to choose one.

Type of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Depending on your preferences, you will have to choose between a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner and the upright stick vacuum cleaner for pet hair. If you would like to have a smaller one with a lightweight feature, then I suggest you to choose the handheld built. This is actually ideal to use on a smaller area as well as on your furniture.

Now, if you will be using this on a bigger area, then I suggest you to have the upright stick. This is not just for bigger capacity, but also good for use on the upholstery. We only have two options here, so you will just have to consider how big or small space you have to clean.

Battery Life

Since you will be using this cordless vacuum for pet hair, then it is necessary to have a high quality battery. Without the cord, you will be needing the battery to make it work. Now, if the life is longer, then you will surely finish your task without delays. But when the battery is short, then you may not be able to use this device even before you empty the pet hair in the room. It only shows that the length of time needed to use this machine will depend on the quality of the battery, which will affect the shelf-life as well.

HEPA Filtration

One vital factor that you should consider when choosing a cordless vacuum for pet hair is the HEPA filtration system of the machine. This feature is important, especially when you have a family member, who is suffering from allergies or asthma. You should know that through a HEPA filtration system, the device will be able to filter the particles that measures 0.3 microns down. This feature will greatly improve the environment indoors because you will be able to control the allergens, too. In my opinion, you should consider this greatly to protect the health of the whole family.


Another factor that you should consider when choosing a cordless vacuum for pet hair is the weight. If possible, it has to have a lightweight feature, which ranges from 3 – 6.4 kilograms. This is important, especially when you have to take it upstairs and bring it downstairs. By the way, with light vacuums, you will find the job easier and may lead to a faster cleaning time. Anyway, whether cordless or not, it is still a must to consider the weight of the machine.


Basically, cordless vacuum cleaners are designed with less capacity. If you wish to use it only for eliminating the pet hair, then it will be enough to use. However, if you wish to use it for general purposes, then you will have to empty it often. Therefore, homeowners who would like to use this cordless vacuum cleaner for general cleaning, then you have to choose the ones with a bigger capacity because emptying it more often will also affect the time it will take you to finish the task.

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