7 Platforms to Search for Freelance Writing Jobs

7 Platforms to Search for Freelance Writing Jobs

Are you working hard to locate your first or the next freelance writing gig but haven’t succeeded yet? If you are a novice and don’t have connections, it could be insanely arduous to find a well-paying and quality work.

Maybe you don’t even have a clue where to initiate from, heading you to non-productive ways to find suitable gigs. Besides, it is tricky to conclude whether the jobs you stumble upon are legitimate or just a scam.

Moreover, a lot of clients offer cents for your highly skilled and dedicated work; I experienced it on Freelancer and Fiverr.

You can, however, weed out these people and sign up with the websites that value your effort and time. If you are an editor, copywriter, or creative writer, these websites will present you with reputable and well-paying jobs you would enjoy.

While it is true that some websites will charge a fee to access their job listings each month, the following freelance writing resources are all free.

But what are the best places on the web for freelance gigs? Listiller is a massive job board that lists out ample of flexible (bidding as well as non-bidding) jobs. Since you’re already aware of it, I’m showing seven other options.

Here they are:

1) BloggingPro Job Board

My list starts with one of the most pre-eminent sites to find freelance writing jobs -BloggingPro Job Board. It lists a lot of copy writing jobs, and as the name itself suggests, it is a place where professional bloggers look for new assignments.

There you will find a steady stream of employers who are on the lookout for blog writers well-versed in subjects like pets, health and fitness, technology, and others.

2) Freelance Writing Gigs

Another good place to look at is Freelance Writing Gigs. The website will significantly increase your chances of securing a good gig, allowing you to use Craigslist boards to consolidate writing job posts.

It also allows you to pinpoint telecommuting gigs that are hard for you to locate if you were only searching to find freelance writing jobs on your local board.

Although the responsibility is still with you to determine which jobs are legitimate, the website helps you by removing any offers that resemble scams.

3) Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs offers a job board where most of the offers are related to journalism jobs, but you won’t be required to share the dreams and skills of a professional journalist to secure a job from there.

The portal also offers to copy write and editing posts occasionally and sometimes even throws other types of jobs into the mix of available assignments.

Some of them allow remote work, while others are location-specific.

4) LinkedIn Jobs

In the freelance career, connections go a long way, and one of the largest places to do some networking via a common connection is LinkedIn. While you are involved in the networking there, you should examine the Jobs section and be sure to sign up for email alerts to receive notifications of jobs that match your interests.

While it is true that many proposals will be based on a particular location, you can approach employers with an offer for freelance services. It may be the case that they are looking for an individual to fill a gap, or they may decide that the job can be done remotely.

Here’s a tip for you: You get notifications of LinkedIn users who have recently viewed your profile. It is a good idea to contact them and ask them if there is a way in which you may be of help to them.

5) Media Bistro

The freelance section of the Media Bistro website offers a large range of jobs related to social media, book, magazine publishing, and marketing. There is something for almost anyone there.

6) Morning Coffee Newsletter

The weekly e-newsletter Morning Coffee Newsletter offers a worthy freelance editing and writing jobs compendium for jobs of all sizes and shapes from all around the world to make your task to find freelance writing jobs easier.

The pay rates are competitive, but the site saves you a lot of time going through a limitless number of websites. The newsletter will bring the best jobs you can hope for right into your inbox.

7) ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger Job Board is another serious website in the world of freelance writing jobs, featuring respected employers who value good writing. The jobs posted there are often from some reputable blogs.

If you want to write blog content, you should find freelance writing jobs for bloggers on this job board.

It is also a good idea to secure a copy of the book – The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing. It costs $49.99 only, and you can learn the art of turning your creative writing into a profitable business today.

Sure, you would find gigs that look intriguing to you, whatever your specialty.

Freelance Writing Websites to Avoid

If you are starting as a freelance writer, it may be tempting for you to try content mills like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and Demand Studios. Don’t be!

They just look like places where you can start even if you don’t have a large portfolio yet.

Even though these websites attract newcomers having little or no experience, they are very difficult to secure a gig and in fact, are the places where a lot of people battle for the lowest bid.

You will be involved in a desperate competition with thousands of other desperate freelance writers ready to do any type of assignment for a cup of rice.

Even if it is very difficult for you to secure a job, no freelance writer deserves to be paid less than a cent per word.

Besides, clients looking for writers that pay so little are usually not the best clients one could hope for. You need to find freelance writing jobs that don’t take you for a ride!

Just because you are new to freelance writing doesn’t mean that you should sell yourself for as little as half a cent per word.

Keep persevering in your efforts, have patience, and you will be rewarded with clients who value the effort you put into your writing and your skills.

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