Useful hacks to create a Wikipedia page for a company

Useful hacks to create a Wikipedia page for a company

Wikipedia pages appear on the first Google search results and, to take advantage from this great influence, most of the companies create Wiki articles. I’ll tell you how to create a Wikipedia page and what features you should consider.

To avoid getting removed from Wikipedia, you must meet all the basic guidelines during the preparation of your Wiki article. I’m going to point out some steps on How to Create a Wikipedia Page For Your Company.

To create an account, first open the home page of Wikipedia and click “Create an account”, at the top right of the screen. Wikipedia will only request for a username and password to successfully complete the registration.

Before creating your Wikipedia page, ensure that your subject or content you’ve planned to create has not been addressed previously in any different articles. Just enter the topic of your article in the search engine bar just to be on the safe side.

Start with the search for information if your topic that you have to create on Wikipedia is relevant. So, it is essential to verify the whole content and plenty of evidence of its reliability that you have.

All registered and recorded users have privileges to edit or create a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia has a default format and there are some features that editors always consider. You will find an article creation assistant on Wikipedia if you doubt how you can create an attractive and engaging page. You must be very careful with the notability thing. Wikipedia’ admins are quite strict and review every article very carefully.

In the end, there are few more things to keep in mind if want to create a successful wiki article: Attend to the significant criteria, focus different topics, use a neutral tone and point of view in writing and write content based on neutral facts but not advertising.

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