Personal Loan without Any Interest

Personal Loan without Any Interest

Is it possible to get a home loan or any other kind of loan without an interest rate? Yes for sure it is possible and the easiest way to get such kind of loan is through Islamic mortgage that is interest-free. The mortgage system is pretty much popular in UAE and other developed countries.

Similarly, if we observe the situation almost more than 30 lenders with strong working relations offered a variety of packages regarding loan services. Top banks in Dubai are providing the most appropriate offers regarding mortgage according to the budget of the client or a customer. The services and packages that are being offered by top banks regarding Islamic bank home loans are extremely suitable and attractive for expatriates. This is the most important thing that you have a correct idea about the value of the package and its outcomes.  

Let’s assume that you get the loan, the next thought should be how will pay back the lenders, and I mean repayment methods of your installments for your loan. Most of the private banks and other financial institutions which are specified for financial help through Islamic banking channel provide these services on different terms and conditions.

Options to Repay the Loan

The first method of repayment that is offered by a private bank or any other financial institution is an early repayment charge option. It is very much expensive than any other method of mortgage in Dubai. As it provides maximum utilization so it is most appropriate for high net worth traders or business persons. Through a written agreement, the lender basically bound you to pay the mortgage amount within the fixed time period. Your interest rate will be increased if you will not be able to make the payment on time. That’s why we can say that the early repayment charge option is a method for big traders because they can easily manage the late payment with extra interest. Most of the rich traders invest in multinational corporations as shareholders so this method is suitable for them.

People who are doing jobs and wanted to take the loan services to get a property should search for another option rather than utilizing this scheme. For middle-class employees, the Islamic Mortgage scheme is the best option to avail through any banking channel. For the best services and cheapest interest rates on mortgage, I will suggest approaching any private bank for Islamic loan services. Such kind of loan can facilitate you to achieve your goals without any interest as a borrower and the lender are at an equal position to share profit and loss.

Current account for a loan

Before going towards the mortgage or we can say that Islamic loan services, it is important to open Islamic current account and then read the terms and conditions carefully. In this way, you will get the idea of your package about mortgage type and its repayment option. If we could manage all things properly, such kind of offers can save you from future problems. Also, this will help you to choose the best deal regarding your home for your future generation. 

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Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank is the oldest privately owned bank in the United Arab Emirates. Founded as the Bank of Oman in 1967.


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