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Laser Hair Removal - Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal - Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal

Laser Lab 938 10-Dec-2019

Many people are disturbed by excessive hair or harsh hair in an unwanted area. There are several medians to perform hair removal including sugaring, waxing, shaving, chemical depilatory creams, electrolysis, and older laser hair removal methods. Many of these choices were uncomfortable, disturbing, messy, short-lived & could create further problems on the skin. Also, old laser hair removal in Dubai took a long time, was unpleasant and dangerous in terms of side effects, notably in the skin of color.

The advantage of this more innovative laser technology accessible in Laser Lab clinic, laser hair removal procedure is the capacity to administer much larger areas in a very short period with a much more pleasant handpiece. The reward of this laser hair removal method is protection, particularly because you can utilize it in a more extensive variety of skin types than older laser hair removal lasers. Ask our experts if you would be a suitable candidate for treatment with Laser Lab.

For those of you who have experienced by painful waxing sessions to eliminate back or underarm hair, relief is in sight. And even more significant, blessings of joy are transmitting from men and women over the country acknowledging that they may no longer require to experience through another painful laser hair removal treatment.

The passion for permanent hair removal for men and women has created a global craze - Laser Hair Removal. People are queuing up at clinics around the world hoping for the miracle cure to rid themselves permanently of hair in unwanted areas. But for permanent hair reduction, the simple reality is that it is very rare that just one session of laser treatment will give the desired result. And here’s why:

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Studies show that the best-known process of achieving permanent hair removal is Laser Hair Removal, and if the procedure is performed correctly, permanency is possible. That's because laser hair removal kills the hair follicle, which impairs its ability to grow. But you need to get the hair at the right stage in the growth cycle to ensure permanent hair removal, which means that you will need to undergo several treatments.

You see, hair grows in three stages, and Laser treatment in the first growth stage is the best for permanent reduction. Laser treatment in the second stage can be less efficient because in these stages new hairs are being formed which may not be target-able by the Laser. So for permanency, you will require to experience several sessions for laser hair removal for men and as well for women overtime to kill all the hair follicles in that area.

Updated 10-Dec-2019
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