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Birthstone and month

Birthstone and month

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The use of birthstones is very personal and has been used since the first century to ward off evil and bring good luck on one's self. The twelve months of the years represent twelve different gemstones personalised necklace cheap, each having certain unique and exceptional qualities of their own.

January - Garnet

The garnet is the birthstone[cheap engraved rings sale] for people born in January. Garnets are beautiful gemstones known for their unadulterated beauty, variety of colors and their tremendous brilliance bracelet for your girlfriend. Although the most frequently found garnets are deep, warm red, they are also found in several hues like green, intense yellow, fiery orange and earth tones. The abundant supply and the large spectrum of colors lend it much popularity in the realm of fashion and allow it to keep pace with the changing styles of contemporary jewelry. Garnets are much sought-after because of their classical gemstone colors red and green and rarities such as star garnets and stones whose color changes depending on whether they are seen in daylight or artificial light. Moreover, it has a good hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale and its high refractive index gives the garnet a great brilliance custom friendship necklace[link]. Today, garnets mostly come from African countries as well as India, Russia, Central and South America.

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