Tips to Plan, Pack and Park like a Pro for your Vacation


It is imperative that you plan for all the travel related necessities like flights, rooms, car parking etc in advance to make sure that you get required amenities. It is especially important to arrange for during holiday season when there is a risk that off-airport parking or rooms at your preferred hotel may not have vacancies for too long. This is where advance reservation comes in handy and you book your spots for everything early on and have to turn to the second best choice for rooms or air travel. It is exceptional good for people who prefer to have choices like for room; they might want their windows in a certain direction or park their car with a vendor with perfect rating score. With influx of travellers, these amenities tend to run out of space and accommodation and you have to look elsewhere. Having to make change can also make disturbances in your budget. The only way to avoid all this trouble is to book for these travel amenities in advance.

With early reservation you may also avail certain discounted deals because of off-season and low travel interests. This will be a great help to save money by paying less yet avail the same quality of services or facilities for the holiday travelling while the other will be paying more.


Always pack by making a list or thing that you will need 4 to 5 days in advance. Review the list after it is done and den cut out all the things that you can do without or purchase as you need during the trip. Then mark the things that you need to double up on like charging cord, batteries, travel documents etc. When this list is complete start collecting the things at one place to be packed later. Then stack them in categories and decide what should be packed first or last according to the required ease of access. If you need to take heavy winter clothes that may be exceeding your weight limit, wear them instead of packing them. Pack miniature versions of all essential liquid and use solid toiletries like hard shampoos to avoid spills. Keep disposable compressed towels with you to save space and an extra pack to put used clothes in. Inform your bank and credit card company about your travel plans and never keep all your money at one place.


Arranging an appropriate spot for parking you car is something that travelling skip on in hope of parking at the airport when they arrive. For these types of travellers, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that, they just might not get a spot to park there. The parking rates of official lots are quite high with entry and exit fee especially around the holiday season. Also you have to get in a line and wait for your turn to get to parking plaza. Then after parking you have to drag your luggage to the terminal which is not convenient at all. Then instead of suffering and pay for it, why not consider off-site options and meet and greet Heathrow where professionally trained driver meet you at your terminal and collect your car to park in secure off-airport based compounds responsibly. They also retriever your car and deliver it back to your upon your arrival, right at your terminal exit. To top it off, these particular airport parking deals are onetime payment only which is a lot cheaper than official parking fair but much better in convenience.

Since, there are many vendors offering these off-site parking deals, you must have a care before making your booking to ensure that the vendor you are leaving your car with is trustworthy. To verify that do make your booking for cheap airport parking at a comparison platform to get all the best deal prices and quality services.

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