Budget-friendly Marketing Ideas for Tech  Startups

Budget-friendly Marketing Ideas for Tech Startups

Technology is important in our lives. We use it to get around, to order food and clothes from home, and to automate tasks that are repetitive and tedious. Indeed, the market for new tech is constantly growing. However, this also comes with complications as newcomers to the industry will have to compete with established brands.

This competition is necessitating new marketing tools and approaches, which will require resources to pull off - something that young entrepreneurs who are out to make a difference in the world are in dire need of.

But despite such complications, startups can still compete for a larger share of their market without having to spend a fortune to promote their products and services. Let’s look at a few budget-friendly activities to help you run a marketing campaign that allows your brand to grow.

1. Start with social media

Social media, without a doubt, has to be the most effective means to attract potential clients to your tech venture. A business account is easy to setup and it doesn’t require a huge investment. All you need to do is to create quality content that’s guaranteed to engage your potential clients and customers. You might also want to use multiple social media channels to really increase the exposure of your brand. For this, you might want to start with Facebook and LinkedIn or Twitter and Instagram, depending on the type of business. These channels should make up the core of your social media marketing efforts.

2. Get referrals

If you’re in dire need of resources, the best way to spread the word about your business is to tell people you already know. Your connections are the most important resources to leverage, so be sure to ask your friends, co-workers, and family members to promote your tech startup within their own circles. This will surely help you get more opportunities without having to pay a big amount or break a sweat in managing your audience outreach efforts.

3. Use SMS marketing

Text messages are as relevant today as they were a decade ago. Despite the fact that people also use instant messaging apps, they are still receptive to SMS.. For startups, especially those that sell software and apps, this can be a less expensive way to reach people who have already interacted with your brand before. Since it’s a more affordable approach compared to other tactics, you can hire SMS marketing services from Mobile Text Alerts and other digital marketing outfits to help you run your text messaging campaigns.

4. Create engaging blog content

When it comes down to influencing how your audience perceives your brand and driving organic traffic, establishing authority within your industry is the best way to go. Managing a tech blog should help you demonstrate your industry knowledge, boost your brand’s reputation, and grow your sales.

Startups don’t have to pay a fortune just to position their brands front and center. They just need to learn how to apply these cost-effective strategies for growing their revenue and increasing their exposure to get a bigger share of the market.

Last updated:12/7/2019 4:33:46 AM
Veselina Dzhingarova

Veselina Dzhingarova

Veselina Dzhingarova has MA in Intercultural communication and translation studies. She well experienced in internet marketing, SEO and is passionate about blogging to share her expertise. Veselina is a regular contributor at many online publishers like and the co-founder of Financialtipsor.com, cryptoext.com, Blogforweb.com, Techsurprise.com, traveltipsor.com and others.


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