From the mind-wrecking adventures of tallying the balance to the sleep inducing spreadsheets and what-not?! Thanks to the advancement of technology, we have several apps to manage the lending process.

Out of a myriad of apps out there in the market, we have done an in-depth research about the ratings, services & features and come up with a list of top Lending Software development companies.


It is a leading lending software development company that has been providing astounding services to a huge client base. It helps you automate the entire process and thereby improve efficiency.

It provides users with the following services.

Cloud Lending Software - Incorporate the latest technology of cloud-based lending software

Microfinance Lending Software - With this managing your microfinances has never been easier!

Payday Loan Software - Finding yourself in need of money and the payday is yet to come? Try INORU’s Payday loan software and get rid of the frightening deadlines!

Peer to Peer Lending Software - enables lending and borrowing among peer groups.

Mortgage Management Software - with this customized and easy-to-use mobile application, get detailed reports of your mortgages.

INORU has the best lending software at a reasonable price. It is well known for its customer-centered services.


This lending software development company provides users with varied services from Digital Lending Platform to Digital Banking Platform.

They have a myriad of astounding features: 24 x 7 customer support, Free-trial period before subscription and online checking of the account balance & transactions.

Besides, users can also send reminders in order to avoid missing out on important aspects. The team provides guiding notes for the ease of the users.

Plaid for Lending

It is a hi-tech company equipped with skilful developers providing remarkable solutions to its clients.

Using Plaid, you can manage your personal as well as business finances and have a track of consumer payments. Plaid provides users with both lending and banking software solutions. Besides, a snag-free solution for the brokerage is also available.

Plaid’s software is compatible with almost all mobile platforms. It allows in-app balance checks. It facilitates quick and accurate maintenance of debts.

Benedict Group LOANS

A promising loan servicing software development company that has achieved in providing diversified solutions to the customers viz., Loan Servicing Software to simplify the process of loan generation and sanctioning, Fee billing and a Settlement servicing software that prevents the stress of preserving and maintaining huge folders of bills.

This allows for flexible payment periods. Several different loan types are supported. Easy tracking options to let the users know what exactly is happening.


This is yet another leading company that develops flawless software for lending services including Auto Loans, Consumer Financing, and the list goes on.

They provide a well-designed website that is easy to customize by the users according to their needs. Almost all time-consuming process like withdrawal, sending emails and messages, etc. are automated.

The Mortgage Office

One of the well-known lending platforms that is harbored in US and Canada. They provide software that is easily customizable according to the user requirements and are compatible to almost any mobile platform. Users could access their services in desktop or mobile devices or cloud.  

They have distinct portals for buyers as well as lenders. Be it imports or exports, a few clicks are all that is needed.


They have templates that are readily available for various services including Residential Mortgages, Commercial Loans, Credit Cards, etc.

They have some stunning features. Free-trial is available before subscribing. Reliable and secure transaction platforms are integrated. The software is compatible to different mobile platforms. 24 x 7 support is provided to the customers in need.


They serve users in various sectors inclusive of Residential as well as commercial mortgages, construction loans, motor financing, educational loans and many more. 

They help users perform different interest rate calculations. They are pocket-friendly and flexible. Detailed and comprehensible reports are provided to the users. They facilitate real-time tracking and enable fast and secure transactions.

FinnOne Neo

This can be suitable for banking sectors ranging from small to large sizes. They provide cutting-edge solutions throughout the period of association with the customers.

From acquisition of customers to management of loans & collections and providing analytic reports, they have been providing promising solutions.

With the stunning customer relationship management, support can be availed whenever necessary. Easy to customize in order to fit the requirements of the users. 


A one-of-a-kind lending software development company that deals with varying aspects like Asset Management, Audit Trail, Dashboard, etc.

Personal, as well as live training sessions, is provided so as to familiarize users about their services and features. They have software programs for loan management, origination as well as servicing.

They ensure amazing customer support providing expert consultations to the customers.

      From the above-listed incredible companies, go ahead with the one that suits your requirements!

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