Measure For Your Fire Pit Cover Accurately For A Perfect Fit

Measure For Your Fire Pit Cover Accurately For A Perfect Fit

If you want your fire pit in the garden well protected from the leaves, dust, debris, ice, twigs as well as insects and pests, you will need to make sure that it is covered from all corners and angles. You can ensure this only when you buy a fire pit cover that fits on the pit properly. For this, you will need to measure your fire pit properly and have the specifications ready when you interact with the salesperson at the store.

This may not be an easy job, especially when you are buying a cover for your fire pit for the first time. you will need to follow a few specific steps and guide in order to carefully measure your fire pit before purchasing a cover for it. This will ensure that you buy the perfect fire pit cover at the first time around.

At this juncture, you must know that the measurements will vary according to the shape and type of the fire pit itself. Here are the steps to follow to measure your fire pit cover.

Round fire pit

If you own a round fire pit then the process to follow to measure is includes its diameter and height in the following way:.

  •  When you measure the diameter make sure that you measure from the end of one side of it to the other end across the top-center of the fire pit.
  • When you measure the height make sure you measure right from the ground to the top of the fire pit. However, where you will need to deduct a couple of inches so that it allows proper airflow.

If you have a square or a rectangular fire pit then the measurement process will be different from the above. It will include:

  •  The width which you should measure across the widest side of the fire pit such as across its leg base or the tabletop.
  •  The depth which must be measured from the deepest point of the fire pit such as the area that is adjacent to the width of the pit or side to side across the top-center of it.
  • The height measuring process will involve the same process as the round fire pit which is from the ground to the top of it deducting 1 or 2 inches to allow airflow.

If you are unsure, you can check out on the internet and even download a guide and print it to keep it handy and useful for ready reference.

Few additional tips

There are a few additional measuring steps that you should follow for a perfect measurement of your fire pit. Remember, each cover is designed specifically to ensure the desired circulation of air in the pit. Therefore, if you cannot find a cover with an exact fit for your fire pit, choose a cover that is slightly bigger. You may even go for a custom fire pit cover. It will all depend on the protection need, mild or heavy, as well as your budget when it comes to choosing a fire pit cover.

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