How To Get Documents Attested and True Copy of an Original in Dubai

How To Get Documents Attested and True Copy of an Original in Dubai

Simply the signing of a document by two or more parties is not enough for it to hold a legal status in Dubai. To hold a legal status in case of agreements and otherwise, document attestation for UAE is required. Only then can there be deemed as valid in the eyes of the UAE government. These verification processes make sure that the terms or status that is mentioned in the given document or certificate is true.

Once certificate attestation is done, the rights of the party can be legally enforced and the burden of illegal extortion can be exterminated. Be it a marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate or otherwise, the concerned parties have to pay a visit to the UAE notary public. The process can only be considered to be complete after passing through the Ministry of justice in UAE and then the Ministry of foreign affairs.

Who to get it attested from and how?

  • The notary public of the Dubai Courts

This is the first institution one has to visit for legal document attestation for UAE. The original document has to be carried there along with the original copies of the supporting documents. It would also be wise to carry a valid identification like passport that is recognised by the courts. If the document has to be passed in in a language other than Arabic, it should be well translated before presentation. The entire process that will be charged with AED110.

A token has to be taken initially to meet the Notary. He will then verify the details including the authentication of the signatures. After that, all you have to do is collect the document by paying the charges, keeping one original document with them in their archive. There are different branches in Dubai for attestation that follow the government timings.

  • The Ministry of Justice

At the reception of the office, a fee of AED 52 has to be paid. You will then get directed towards the office for an official stamp and the work there will be done in some time. It is not necessary for the parties to be physically present there as a representatives can be sent on their behalf.

Location: 5th floor, Al Serkal Building, Dubai, UAE.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This is the final destination for certificate attestation. The exact fee that is to be charged for each document varies from one type to the other. On an average, a document takes AED 150 to be attested from this place.  

Location: Near the Consulate of Oman and Jordan, Bur Dubai.

How to get a True Copy of an original document from the Dubai Notary Courts?

It is wise to keep an original copy of an attested document with the notary public. If the one in hand gets misplaced somehow, it can be retrieved from the court.

●Get a request for document retrieval typed in Arabic from an authorized typist.

●Show the original or copy of the DCNP sticker with the archive number and pay AED 15.

●Show an ID and pay AED 30 to get a print out which will be dated and stamped with DCNP 'True Copy'.

It is better to keep an original document in reserve with them than losing it forever.

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