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What is the best 24 inch TV?

What is the best 24 inch TV?

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The Best 24 inch LED TV

24-inch televisions have become the most compact size we can find in the market.

Televisions are designed for bedrooms, kitchens, and other places where it is not necessary to mount anything bigger and in which space is not leftover.

The good news is that these flat LED TVs have everything you need to enjoy a quality image and sound, not forgetting the extra that some models even have Smart TV functions.

The 24-inch TV is the most compact model we have today in the market.

A product designed for specific uses in small rooms, also having the advantage of offering compact size and having low prices, so it is not very expensive to install a TV wherever you want.

Anyway, it never hurts to see in detail what each television offers so that our purchase is the most suitable. If you need the best 24 inch Tv with a detailed review, then read this post till the end.

Samsung LT24E310EW LED TV

The Samsung LT24E310EW / EN TV is an interesting LED model with which to enjoy a quality image in the usual HD Ready format.

A device with a dual-use mode, so you can use it as a television and as a computer monitor, as you prefer.

This TV also has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, so it will be easy to see everything clearer no matter where you are.

This product includes interesting news such as sport mode, with which you can divide the screen into nine spaces.

These novelties are combined with other classic elements, such as the USB player port for your multimedia content.

And for you to save the VESA kit, the model also includes the support to hang it on the wall, as part of the base itself.

So with so much to offer you, it is not strange that we talk about the best 24-inch TV at the moment.


  • Viewing angle: This model has a viewing angle of 178 degrees, so you can see everything clearer.
  • Dual-use: The product can be used as both an LED TV and a computer monitor.
  • USB port: The product includes a USB port with which to easily play any multimedia content.
  • Sport mode: Sport mode allows you to divide the screen into 9 spaces and zoom on any of them.
  • Support: The included support can also be used to mount the product on the wall.
  • Connectivity: The TV has two HDMI inputs, a USB port, and other elements to give you the connections you may need.


  • Recorder: Although the USB port plays content, it is not useful for recording, as with other similar models. 

24 inch Smart TV LG 24MT49S-PZ

This 24 ”smart TV from LG is one of the most unique models and, despite the size of its screen, it allows you to live great experiences without leaving your home thanks to the“ cinema mode ”.

This mode makes this TV able to focus on the screen the best moments of your favorite movie, even the darkest scenes.

Its HD monitor gives you a very good quality in order to project an image as real as possible and make you feel as if you were part of that situation.

In addition to the above, this television includes dual-use and you can combine it as a Smart TV and a computer monitor.


The quality of the materials and the durability of the television must also be carefully judged.

As with many other instruments, the quality of a television can be seen with the naked eye or touch.

Finally, and as the most important factor in most cases, we highlight the price of the product.

However, and as you have seen, buying a cheap 24-inch Smart TV is not a difficult task.

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