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Salesforce - Einstein Analytics

Salesforce - Einstein Analytics

Certification Planner LLC 783 04-Dec-2019

Most of us may have heard of Salesforce in our organizations. We may have even worked on the Salesforce tool.

So, what is the buzz about Salesforce?

Salesforce is the pioneer in using cloud technology in the CRM system. It is a popular and leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool used by many organizations. It is so popular and user-friendly that it is used by start-ups as well as fortune 500 companies. When Salesforce was launched, it started as a tool that people in sales used to track their accounts, opportunities, leads, and financial information. It helped to create projections and follow up with their customers. Today, it is used in various industries to track their customer interactions, predictions, analytics, reports, and to manage customer accounts and information.

Einstein Analytics 

Salesforce team understands that organizations are growing, and so is their customer base. The amount of data an organization handles is growing exponentially. It is difficult to manage the database, understand every trend, and understand every correlation by manually exploring data. To overcome the challenges faced by organizations and businesses, Salesforce introduced Einstein Analytics. Einstein Analytics uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), which makes every interaction smarter and much more flexible and easy to manage. The launch of Einstein Analytics has made things so much easier for marketers, analysts, sales representatives, and service agents. Organizations no longer require experts to help or write complicated algorithms.

The main highlights of Einstein Analytics are:

Build intelligent Apps - App developers can build customized apps. It has built-in templates to design dashboard, easily build widgets, and use the layout builder to optimize the dashboard.

Salesforce Sales Cloud - Einstein helps in Lead Scoring. It will give you everyday insights on important leads to follow up, which is critical information for sales reps and their performances.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Social insights of Einstein will give you deeper insight into social conversations. You can get information about competitors and acquisitions in your market.

Community Cloud – Einstein recommends relevant information for every community. The content delivered is customized and according to the interest of the specific community.

Einstein engine uses Salesforce data to predict or analyze information. Since it uses already existing Salesforce data, it makes things a lot easier. There is no need for a data scientist or requirement of a new platform. The use of Artificial Intelligence makes the tool smarter and ready to explore. The innovations by Salesforce has made life so much easier for reporting, analytics, predictions, and so on. Einstein Analytics is a game-changer for businesses that manage tons of data daily. The use of the Analytics App and Einstein Discovery has helped users in tremendous ways. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Analytics App - The way CRM is used has been revolutionized. The tool is now role-specific and gives access to data and authority to take action without any barriers. The user can manage the analytics app in a self-service way to look into data that is more relevant, collaborate, get deep insights, and take prompt action from their device. Sales reps can use Sales Analytics to manage their pipeline, forecasts, and measure team performance. Service agents and outsourcing industry managers can enhance their customer satisfaction and agent efficiency using Service Analytics. Marketers will get insights into the pipeline, campaign performance, and engagements.

Einstein Discovery – Einstein Discovery goes through trends and provides patterns and explanations in a user-friendly language. Einstein Discovery also gives recommendations on actions to be taken and auto-generates presentations with visual display and pointers. Analysts can dig deeper to access the algorithms and model to find how Einstein Discovery provided the recommendations and predictions. The slide presentation generated by Einstein Discovery is very helpful for users to create a presentation on impacts in business in a certain area or market changes that impacted a product and so on.     

Decades back, MS Excel was used for reporting and analyses. The launch of Salesforce CRM and their ongoing transformation with tools have revolutionized the way we look at data management. Salesforce CRM tool gives you real-time insights about your business. The introduction of Einstein Analytics has brought more visibility and ease of use to the tool. Therefore, it comes with no surprise the tool is so popularly used by organizations around the globe.

With the utility and the demand for Salesforce inflating at a mammoth rate, it is obvious that being an expert in Salesforce comes with numerous benefits. This is where the importance of the Salesforce certification comes into play. Certification not only helps you pick up the required knowledge base and skillsets but also validates your knowledge and experience in the spectrum. Certification Planner conducts Salesforce in-person classroom training and live-online courses in various cities in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Singapore.

CP facilitates three certifications in Salesforce:

1. Salesforce Administrator

2. Salesforce App Builder

3. Salesforce Administrator and App Builder

The 3-day courses are conducted by Salesforce certified instructors with courseware designed by industry experts. If you would like to know more about the courses, you can connect with us at or speak with our experts at +1 8553221201. Visit our website to know about different Salesforce courses and certification programs.

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