Follow the Steps of Reapplication Procedure When PAN Card is Lost

It's quite common that you might forget your PAN card or misplace it. There are several reasons associated with it such that it has become the most common occurrence amongst the taxpayers in India. But if you are looking for an alternative way in procuring a new PAN card when you have lost the old one, then the income tax department has simplified that procedure of applying for a new one.

Thus, without further ado, let's have a closer look as to how you can avail a duplicate pan card online when you lose the original one. Let’s get started.

Lost pan card application.

Procuring a pan card after you have lost the original one is quite seamless. All of which is explained in detail below. Check it out.

  • Head onto the official website.

The first and foremost step is to head on to the official site of NSDL or UTI to fil out the form. Or you can head onto the official center of the NSDL or UTI by checking out the locations given on their sites.

  • Select the required form of application for a new pan card.

Once you head onto the website, select the option of applying for a duplicate pan card. Never choose the option of applying for a new pan card as it is illegal to possess more than one pan card. Hence, select the option of generating a duplication pan card. Also, do ensure that you get all the pan card correction details right to have your application approved. Also, if you have any changes that you might have to make, then you can update the information on the box present on the left-hand side.

  • Submit all the documents that might be asked.

There are a set of documents that you might have to submit such as a copy of PAN card, copy of intimation letter issued by the income tax department for the PAN card. But then if nothing is available, then a copy of the FIR against the loss of pan card will be required. Ensure that you have made the desired PAN card correction before you move ahead.

  • Pay the processing fee.

There is a processing fee which might be 110 rupees that would be charged. If an NRI is applying, then a fee of 1020 rupees would be charged.

  • Sign the acknowledgment.

Upon confirmation that the payment has been made, there would be an acknowledgment letter that will need to be signed. Or a thumb impression would be required.

  • Mail the papers.

Once all the information and documents are gathered, then mail the set to the official NSDL center which happens to be in Pune.

Thus, the overall procedure of applying for a duplicate pan card online is quite easy and straightforward. But in a worst-case scenario, if you don’t know your pan card number, then its better to check out the official government sites and head onto the “know your pan” section and by entering specific known details that you might have provided to know your pan card number. 

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