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How to choose and wear your sweatshirt?

How to choose and wear your sweatshirt?

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You are tempted by a sweatshirt, but you do not really know how to choose?

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you choose the Materials, Colors, Sizes, and Finishes, which will allow you to be satisfied with your purchase for sure.

How to choose his sweat?

When choosing a sweatshirt, we suggest you follow these steps:

• Choose the Sweatshirt MATTER you prefer based on timing and activities.

• Choose a COLOR that you like and that will be able to associate with your required

• Make sure the SIZE of sweatshirt, to make sure it fits you well

• Pay attention to the FINISHES

• TRY the sweatshirt to make sure it fits you

What is a sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt, sweatshirt or sweatshirt is a thick and loose garment, usually with a long sleeve, worn to keep warm.

It is originally a piece of clothing that American athletes used before or after a muscular effort.

The sweatshirt can sometimes wear a hood, it will be known as a hoodie or hoodie.

Why wear a sweatshirt?

The success of the sweatshirt can be explained in several ways:

• Heat: A sweatshirt is a very effective garment to insulate you from the cold and keep you warm during cold seasons.

• Comfort: Fluffy, comforting and ample the sweatshirt is a perfect top when you want to feel comfortable in your clothes.

• The street wear look: if you are thrilled by the street wear trends that cross the world of fashion nowadays, then do not miss out on the sweatshirt, because this garment is itself the emblem of this trend.

Elements consist of a sweatshirt

Let's now make a quick overview of the parts that make up the sweatshirt anatomy. .

• Collar

• Sleeves

• cuffs

Which sweatshirt to choose?

• When choosing a sweatshirt, we advise you to pay attention to the following things:

• Determine the MATTER of the sweatshirt to see if it will be suitable for your activities

• Choose a COLOR of sweatshirts that you will be able to associate with your required

• Select your sweatshirt SIZE

Which materials to choose for your sweatshirts?

When buying a sweatshirt, we always advise you to look closely at the material that makes up the garment.

In fact, the different materials that we are going to present now have different characteristics and properties that will be more or less adapted to your activities and your needs.

The polar

Synthetic textile with insulating properties, the fleece is a light, warm, comfortable and cheap fabric.

Cotton and associated mix

A cotton or cotton sweatshirt with polyester will be perfect in the rainy months, as water will seep away very little.


Wool is an interesting material when it's cold, because these thermal properties will help you maintain your body temperature.


The nylon sweatshirts will help you repel moisture and keep you dry during the rains.

Brushed cotton

High-end, brushed cotton is often considered the softest fabric for sweatshirts.

Which COLORS of sweatshirt to choose?

The color options for sweats are many, both refreshing or sometimes even daring.

Now let's see together the colors we recommend for your sweatshirt. :

• The GRAY sweatshirt

• The BLACK sweatshirt

• WHITE sweatshirt

The GRAY sweatshirt

The gray sweatshirt goes perfectly with jeans or jogging for informal or sporting occasions.

With a shirt, or under a classy coat, the gray sweatshirt can even accompany you for more formal events, in which you want to be classy and relaxed.

The BLACK sweatshirt

With sneakers and sober pants, the black crewneck sweatshirt will be the perfect companion.

Very versatile, the black sweatshirt will fit a lot of held.

WHITE sweatshirt

Very discreet, the white sweatshirt can be sublimated by graphics, logos or illustrations to reveal all its full potential.

How to choose the size of your sweatshirt?

If you want to choose the best size sweatshirt, we advise you to know at least:

• Your bust

• Your arm length

• Your bust length

Ideally, you should also have the following measurements:

• Your hips

• Your choker to measure the opening

• Your bust ride from the armpits

What are the finishes to look at before buying a sweatshirt?

Before you even try the sweatshirt that you like, we suggest you to look at the following finishes:

• Does the sweatshirt have a tendency to pelletize?

• Does the material seem comfortable to the touch?

• Are the seams well made? Are not the threads stuck in some places?

• What are the states of elastics? Are they distended?

• Does the sweatshirt have snags or small holes?

• Do you think that the material of the sweatshirt will shrink in the first wash?

So many little things that end up making the difference when you buy a sweatshirt.

How to wear a sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt should be part of your men's wardrobe because you can associate it with many of your outfits.

Indeed, sometimes the sweatshirt can create an apprehension among people who would like to wear, because this garment is much connoted sports.

Think again, today, the sweatshirt with discreet colors like black, white or gray are perfect for casual or casual sets.

With a second-layer shirt, you'll give your sweatshirt a much more formal look, while remaining super comfortable.

If you like more casual outfits, the sweatshirt is perfect for that too.

With which stockings to wear a sweatshirt?

We recommend pairing your sweatshirt with jeans and fitted trousers.

If you want to learn more about how to choose your jeans, we advise you to read the article we have dedicated to these topics.

If you want to wear your sweatshirt in a formal setting, we advise you to associate it with brogues.

If it is an informal setting, we suggest sneakers as the best option.

If you want to learn more about formal footwear, we suggest you read our complete guide on the subject:

Which sweater brands to choose?

To facilitate reading, we have classified sweatshirts into 5 categories:

• Low-end sweatshirts

• Entry-level sweatshirts at less than 50 euros

• Sweatshirts medium range between 50 and 100 euros

• The high-end sweatshirts between 100 and 150 euros

• The 'luxury' sweatshirts at more than 150 euros

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