Bad Leader in Action: Five Ways to Make Followers Hate You

Bad Leader in Action: Five Ways to Make Followers Hate You

 Bad leaders are common in the world buy instagram followers uk . Sometimes they sit in government. At other times, they sit in the Board Room. Bad leaders are almost always vilified by history. People hate them and they leave behind a trail of destruction.

Here are five ways to become a bad leader and make followers hate you.

Be authoritarian. Make no room for mistakes and creativity. Tell your people what you want to happen. How you want them to happen and what will happen to them if they fail. This way, you ensure that the business is operating under your guidance and your designs. Any disobedience is a direct rebellion against your rule and should be dealt with using an iron hand.

Neglect the emotional needs of followers. Don't bother with the emotions of followers. If your directions seem harsh, then your followers are a bunch of incompetents who cannot follow simple instructions. Besides, there are also several things that they are not entitled to know. Only you, as the leader should know the details of the job and the secrets of the company.

Forget foresight. What is important is now. Those who preach sustainable development are forgetting that today is very important and the future will come anyway. So, you better make your workers do the best that they can do today. The future will come anyway andbuy instagram followers uk when it does, that's the time you deal with it.

Demand obedience and respect. You are the leader and you deserve to be respected and obeyed. Anybody found slandering and badmouthing you should be fired. Your followers need to learn that respect and obedience are the top two attitudes in your office. Anybody not following these rules deserves to be fired.

Impose impossible demands. If your followers cannot do as you ask, then they don't deserve to be in your company. It's a privilege to work for you and they should be willing to work really hard to earn that privilege. Make some demands on them. The more difficult the demands, the better. If it's not complicated enough, give additional information to make things complicated.

Here's a bonus tip. Make frequent changes to your instructions. Your followers need to learn how to make changes every now and then because of the uncertainty, you will know if they are good workers or not.

If these are not enough to make you squirm, then congratulations, you are indeed a Bad Leader. Watch your back, some people are looking for just the right moment to leave your organization. buy instagram followers uk 

Last updated:12/3/2019 6:52:33 AM
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