What Habits Must You Have To Be a Good DevOps Engineer?

What Habits Must You Have To Be a Good DevOps Engineer?

Technical skills are essential, but to make a software development smooth and successful, a DevOps engineer is very important as he brings two teams at a common platform, coordinated with them and perform multitasks by keeping customers first in his mind. Big brands such as Amazon and Adobe are welcoming the DevOps team to push the security patches and software update more frequently to customers. This need has increased the demand for DevOps professionals in the past recent years.

DevOps Career is considered one of the topmost profiles in America, and they are offered the best package in the industry too. As mentioned above, technical skills are the most important criteria for DevOps professionals as during code deployment and maintenance they will come across many new challenges and problems that require technical expertise. This means a person working in the DevOps team should be highly motivated, intelligent and creative enough to understand new scenarios.

What Habits Must You Have To Be a Good DevOps Engineer?

What are the main things that the IT industry looks for in a DevOps engineer? Research says, the DevOps environment is changing day by day and this culture change is very important to understand for the DevOps team. The challenges of dealing with shared responsibilities, bridging a gap between fast speed and stability, keeping various teams at the same page i.e. to achieve organization objective and being flexible enough to address any issue any time since everything is important – are not easy and for this objective only, IT companies look for DevOps professionals.

Let’s discuss in detail what are the key habits that each DevOps professional must have to be successful in the career.

Soft Skills

A DevOps professional is like a bridge between the development and operations team as they bring two different teams at one place to work together to achieve a single objective. Interacting and managing people is the most important skill, but it is often found undervalued. DevOps engineers put their most effort into sharpening skills with various tools and forget that understanding people and processes is very important to get success in this career.

Just check the traits of successful DevOps people; they all have first understood processes, people and environment so well then built a strategy to achieve the aim of continuous execution by smoothing the processes.

Make Goals

Making a well-organized plan that tells all the short and long-term goals are way too important than dreaming of accomplishments. People always suggest setting up an achievable and realistic goal, but I would say it is good to challenge yourself sometimes. In the environment of achieving tough goals, people understand that how experimenting with new things is important in taking a business ahead. Making hardly achieving goals inspire us to grow and leave a good impact on the company and, it improves performance too. In a DevOps environment, targeting high-end goals help to increase bonding between various teams.

Security-related knowledge

However, combining development and operations teams for smooth development and easy deployment is a great option, but it increases the chance of data security breach too. Therefore, a DevOps professional must be able to write security codes to save the software against any cyber-attack. A DevOps engineer takes security into account, not after a certain time rather since the start of development. Performing all security-related activities during the time of requirement gathering is considered the best quality of a DevOps professional. The more is the security, the less is the chance of bugs.

Think of problems and final solutions

No business depicts a picture that they have some issues with the DevOps team unless they have some security, deployment, and development issue as all these factors impact largely on the bottom line of business. We need to be very much ensured with certain things like – what is the way of deploying software development successfully? What should be the deployment culture? what are the right tools and technologies go execute the process smoothly?. These are a few important things that a DevOps professional should always think of.

Knowledge of Infrastructure Automation Tools

Automation is a key component of a DevOps team in any organization. Many manual tasks followed by traditional approach or engineering methods are being automated by the use of various programming languages such as Python, Java, C, Ruby, etc. In this way, manual tasks would be executed automatically without the need of human efforts, and this energy they can use in other important jobs to achieve the high-end target of the company. A DevOps professional must have the ability to automate various processes by using tools to any extent and automate the process from the requirement to development to maintenance.

Keep a winning attitude

In the DevOps discussion, both the development and operations teams barely on the same page. The key reason is the speed of pushing codes by the development team is way too fast than digesting this by the operations team and ensuring the production environment is ready for deployment. Instead of putting allegation on the Ops team that they are slow, it is important to understand why the development team is so fast. After analysis, it is found that the development team doesn’t count the speed of design and development. Here, a DevOps engineer should figure out how both the team can work in a way so that both of them can win to achieve the objective. One great solution is automating various processes between development and operations teams.

Flexible Attitude

The culture of the DevOps team should be flexible enough and all the team members must get an opportunity of leading the team to understand all the possible challenges and scenarios. Also, a skilled DevOps professional is multitasking too. For example, to address one requirement, at the same time, a DevOps engineer should take information and help from all the teams. Since everything is important, a DevOps professional needs to be flexible enough for performing all the tasks along.


These habits and skills are very important for people willing to make or start a career as a DevOps engineer. Also, these qualities improve interpersonal skills and help you understand the culture of a DevOps team. I must say that these are the key habits, there are many other too beyond this. As a DevOps professional, you need to be good at creating and sharing stories with the team that tell everything from the requirement to implementation to success. Just develop these skills, get knowledge of automation and infrastructure tool and become a successful DevOps engineer!

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