Custom Cable Assemblies: The Answer You Didn’t Know You Needed

When you are trying to figure out how to manage your electronics, you may need a new cable assembly for these devices. You might be working on several different projects that require new cables, and there are a few tips listed below that will help you complete your projects. Plus, a custom cable assembly looks much more professional that one you cobbled together yourself.

What Are You Looking For?
Meridian Cable Assemblies offers you several different options to create a custom cable assembly. Most people who are looking for cables can use a special type of cable that improves their project. If you need a power cable that does not stretch or incur damage, or you might get a coiled cable.

You may need a bundled cable that has more than one set of wires included. You could replace cables for older electronic devices, or you could order cables that fit inside your new assembly.

Think Outside The Box
Working with a custom cable company makes it easy for you to think outside the box. If you go to a place like, you will see several different cable options that make the most sense for you. You can get the coiled cables that look like an old landline phone cable. You might get a cable with a flat plug that fits behind furniture, or you could purchase a long spool or cabling that you will clip for your telecommunications products.

You might ask about cables that are made from gold, silver, or copper wire. You can choose the gauge that you need if you are powering one of your electronic devices. You can get cable assemblies that are set inside retractable spools. The coiled cables you use retain their shape after they have been stretched, or you can combine cables in a bundle that makes them easier to use.

How Do You Order Custom Cables?
You need to ask your custom cable company to create cables based on the specifications that you have created. You can ask for a certain amount of power, connectivity for an Internet signal, or a voice cable that allows you to make phone calls. The best part of this is that you can test a prototype of the cable to make sure that it works. When your cables are complete, you can request as many feet, yards, or even miles of cable as you need.

Replacing Old Cables
You may have old electronic devices that you want to bring back to life. Most people assume their old devices are dead because the power cables or electronic cables are broken. You can solve that problem with a custom cable assembly that matches that device. You can show the device to your builder, or you can share power or connectivity information with your builder.

The cables that you get will fit inside your machine, and you can extend the life of that machine indefinitely. Plus, you can create more powerful charger cables, clearer phone cables, or bring your antique landline phone back to life.

Custom cable assemblies are a great investment for you and your company. You will save a lot of money if you have the perfect cable built for you, and you will get better power transfer, better voice connections, and stronger Internet connectivity with new cables. The new cables can be built in any style from the simple coiled phone cable style to something that is much more complex. Plus, you can order long spools that allow you to clip and adjust the cables as you complete a new telecommunications or electronics project.

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