Why prefer the use of Ionic App development services for Hybrid app development

Why prefer the use of Ionic App development services for Hybrid app development

The number of mobile apps on the App store is continuous proliferating. New technologies and platforms are being in the talk of the developers to implement in app development. It is an important subject for all to decide. Earlier most companies preferred native apps due to their usability and feel, but the scene has changed in the business paradigm but now hybrid apps using Ionic framework is a top choice. Most businesses are seeking ionic app development services to built custom applications at low cost. In this article, we are going to discuss ionic app development, its advantages, and drawbacks for creating a hybrid app.

What is the Ionic framework?

Ionic is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that is based on Angular and uses Cordova plugins. Developers write ionic apps using HTML5, Javascript and CSS. It is an open-source app development framework and focuses on the User Interactions and feel of the applications. It bestows developers with the components and themes for building apps with a sophisticated and functional User Interface. The ionic framework was created by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry and Adam Bradley in the year 2013. It is a complete open-source SDK to create hybrid apps.

The most prominent features of Ionic are 

Interactive paradigms


Extensible base theme

Benefits of using the Ionic framework

While the native app provides top-quality performance, accessible hardware controls, and increased functionality, developers are moving towards hybrid apps due to natives' increased cost. If the apps are to be created for both IOS and Android platforms, the expenses would be doubled.

Ionic is mostly recognized for its platform-specific User Interface through using the library of components for both Ios and Android platform. It uses a single code base to create cross platform-based applications. Her, we are explaining the crucial advantages of the Ionic framework.

Trouble-free adoption:

The adoption of the Ionic framework easy to adopt when the developers are accustomed to CSS. Javascript. If the companies need to create hybrid applications they can switch by availing Ionic app development services.

Cross-platform app development:

The ionic framework extends to support the latest technologies such as Android.4 and IOS 7 and Universal windows platforms to build applications with native feel with proficiency and in a quick.

It is completely free:

Ionic platforms a completely open-source and facilitates anyone to create applications. It eliminates to buy any license or pay any fees to build apps. Usually, open-source platforms get stuck but Ionic is reliable and helps to create apps in less time.

It is based on Angular:

In an Ionic framework, Angular is utilized to provide developers multiple functionalities. AngularJs is a reputed and sophisticated framework that enables Ionic app development to build robust apps. Angular is a widely used framework and it makes the code more manageable to assist ionic for building hybrid applications.

High-quality performance:

The single code base for platforms: Ionic is constructed on AngularJS and Apache Cordova and use front-end technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS for creating applications. Superlative performance is ensured with the Ionic framework when ionic is used with the Native mobile app code. It uses CSS transitions to leverage the GPU to avail the highest processor time.

Use of Cordova plugin:

Ionic allows the developers to use the Cordova plugin to get access to the various components. The use of the Cordova plugin facilitates app developments with various components such as camera, flashlight, GPS and many more. These modules are opted by the developers for developing mobile applications.

Availability of tools and services:

Wide of tools and services are available with the Ionic framework that helps you build applications in more conveniently.

Native experience:

Native apps gives high performance and rich experience to the users. Not any other framework than Ionic can provide more native-like experience for fast, smooth, responsive experience along with high-quality experience.

Enable building aesthetic apps:

Ionic comes with many useful components that help in developing applications easily. Some of the basic components that it provides include a sliding menu, form inputs, buttons, pop-ups, tabs and many more. Developers can customize sleek and basic default styles that are provided by Ionic.

Extensive libraries:

The core team of Ionic is very active on social media platforms and actively engages with ionic users. The developers can easily connect with the members and have discussions relevant to ionic.

Huge community:

Ionic is based on Angular JS which is backed by a large community. There are a huge number of members who are readily available to be used for developers who seek help. You can also join Slack where community members hang out and available to provide help and assistance.

Key Takeaway:

Ionic is an ideal choice for businesses to build Hybrid applications. It facilitates to build a low cost as compared to the native applications. Developers can build cross-platform applications swifter and with low maintenance.

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