What are Different Types of Semi-Truck Trailer?

Let’s first know what a semi-trailer is. A trailer that doesn’t have a front axle is known as semi-trailers. In some countries, a semi-trailer is also called a tractor-trailer. The tractor unit supports semi trailer’s large percentage of weight. Sometimes a detachable front axle (dolly) or another trailer’s tail also does the same work.

In many trailers, there are wheels and those wheels can be fully dismounted. As those wheels are repositionable to distribute the load of bearing wheel weight factors, semi-trailers are trendier than the full trailer.

Some semi-trailers have two trailer units, and those are called doubles. When there are more than two trailers, those are called road trains.

In the following part, I am going to discuss different types of semi-truck trailers.

Flatbed Trailer

Among all semi-trailers of the present time, the flatbed trailer is widely known and the most famous one. The length of the flatbed trailer is either 48 or 53 feet, and the width is 96 or 102 inches.

It also includes rub rails and stake pockets, which are placed every 2 feet in the side part. The body and frame of flatbed trailers can be one of the three designs. Most heavy and strong is all steel, normally it includes wood planks.

All-time favorite combos are the combination of a steel frame and an aluminum body. For securing dunnage boards and aluminum, these types of flatbed trailers have a wood portion.

Most expensive but extremely light flatbed trailers are all aluminum, which becomes incredibly slippery when wet. Natural upwards bends of it allow them to straighten out to be flatter when loaded.

Lowboy Trailer

A lowboy has two drops in deck height. One is in the right after the gooseneck, and another one is right before the wheels. In comparison with other trailers, this one’s deck is incredibly low, and this is because of those two drops.

Lowboy has been designed for carrying huge weight. For heavy types of equipment such as- bulldozers, industrial equipment, this trailer is used. It can carry legal loads up to 12ft. tall.

Depending on the number of axles used, lowboys can have 80000 pounds weight whereas two-axle lowboys can have 40000 pounds weight. To operate lowboy, additional permission may require.

Reefer Trailer

The refrigerator trailer’s other name is reefer trailer. For transporting frozen products generally, reefer trailer is used. Depending on the outside’s weather temperature of this trailer’s inside can be altered.

It is dry van trailers but with a cooling system and is designed to keep enclosed goods fresh. Along with frozen foods, sometimes pharmaceuticals are also shipped by reefer trailers. The maximum legal width of the reefer trailer is 8. The feet and maximum legal height are 8 feet. Reefer can carry up to 45000 pounds weight.

Conestoga Trailer

Aero industries made the Conestoga trailer. It has a sliding tarp system that covers precious cargo without damaging the items. This sliding tarp made it innovative.

Machinery or large items that need to be remaining in fine condition, for those Conestoga trailers are used. Roll-tops of such trailers is made with heavy-duty plastic, rubber or canvas. It can carry up to 45000 pounds of weight. The length of such a trailer is from 48 to 53 feet.

Step Deck Trailer

It is similar to the flatbed trailer. Because of height restrictions, some products can’t be carried on a flatbed trailer, and this is the reason for making a step-deck trailer.

Dry Van Trailer

The most common type of trailer for freight containers is a dry van trailer. As these trailers are fully closed and sealed, freight is secured from any external damage.

Like the reefer trailer, the dry van trailer doesn’t have a temperature control system. So by this, you can only transport non-perishable products.It is used for moving products like-foods, clothes, other products which need to be protected but those are sensitive to temperature.

Power Only Trailer

For pulling another trailer, power only trailers are used. An adjustable fifth wheel of power only trailer assists trucks in fitting in the dimensions and specified of trailer weight loads.

Sidekit Trailer

Sidekit trailers are often prepared with wood side paneling. They are designed to carry unpacked loads such as- dirt, gravel, etc.The maximum height and width of the side kit trailer are 8.6 feet and 8.2 feet respectively.

Multi-Car Trailer

For transporting cars and trucks, they are used. From two to eight vehicles, they can carry. For hauling many vehicles, anyone can use a double-decker trailer.

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Some more semi-truck trailers are extendable double drop trailer, stretch double and single drop trailer, specialty trailers, etc. All trailers are different from another, and their usability is also different. So according to your work purpose, you have to choose the best one.

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