OTT Ad Revenue Generation: What Is The Role Of Data?

OTT Ad Revenue Generation: What Is The Role Of Data?

OTT industry has reached a point where premium videos are in great demand and cord-cutting is rising rapidly. Advertisers want to leverage this market condition to the maximum extent. And that is possible only by following the audiences to the OTT platforms.

Hence, the industry is experiencing higher investments in OTT video advertising. But, at the same time, advertisers face challenges due to the time-shifted viewer and fragmented viewership of over-the-top content. Understanding and reaching the right audiences seem confusing for a new player in the industry. Here comes the increasing role of data in media planning for a better overview of the market.

In terms of OTT addressability, different ads need to reach the right segments of audiences who are watching a single program at the same moment. This ensures that every audience segment sees ads as per their interests. In simple words, it is the ability to show the right advertisement to the correct person who would be interested. This is how the ad relevance is ensured, which increases the revenues generated by eliminating wasteful representation.

Advertising challenges faced in the OTT industry

Advertising challenges arise majorly due to the lack of proper benchmarks and measurements regarding content platforms. There are advancements taking place in this direction to accurately measure OTT platforms on a larger scale. However, the industry still requires a broad level of standardization. Right now, most of the OTT intelligence revolves around the giants such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

OTT advertising is definitely increasing, but scalability is still a concern for many players. There are only several reliable representatives who provide services to brands and agencies in planning OTT media and gaining ad revenue on a larger scale. Thanks to a few effective service providers, emerging players are able to address granular level targets and scale ad revenue on a new level.

How data is evolving OTT advertising

OTT addressability is achievable with genuine precision in targeting on a viewer level. This happens with the collection of viewer data, then, the in-depth analysis to segment audiences into behaviors and interests. Then, the acquired behavior and interests help to create advertiser campaigns.

The use of ad decision and dynamic ad insertion allows OTT advertising platformsto decide the right segment for a person to deliver an ad. This brings a tailored approach to advertising, which increases the revenue.

True addressability allows OTT advertising to go beyond the content it is showing. Everything comes down to the collected and analyzed data to make ad delivery richer and precise. This is a sophisticated method of targeting audiences, using data related to IP address to combine all other relevant preferences.


Today, technology and addressability methods are resolving the challenges of OTT advertising. The gap is constantly reducing between the advertisers and OTT viewers with data collection. Leveraging data is and will be a crucial factor in making targeting richer and precise, and, as a result, increasing the revenue generation with OTT advertising.

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