Best TV Screen Types to Protect your Eyes

The television is one of the most common gadgets that you would find in an Indian home. 

Even in the age of digital media, people love to spend their leisure time in India by watching content on a TV with their families. It is a sight more common in India’s rural areas. 

Some of the TV users are used to watching shows after shows, which may put their eyes at risk. Hence, what should be the screen type to help protect their eyes while they continue to enjoy multiple shows on a television set? This post will explore all these!

What TV screen type is best to protect your eyes?

When it comes to selecting a TV screen type to protect your eyes, it is the LED-backlit LCD, or simply the latest OLED. But, you may find OLED TVs a bit expensive for your budget; but you may invest in it to keep your eyes. There are many brands in the market like Lloyd TV, Samsung, Sony, LG and other more which are user trusted for OLED TV, that are trusted as well. 

The television screen type that you need to avoid to protect your eyes from all hazards is the traditional LCD TV. Why? It is because they are loaded with a fluorescent backlight that flickers a bit. It may not matter to you at all now, but LED-backlit devices come at an affordable price. 

But, you should also know that the TV type is not the possible reason of eye strain. A bigger contributor is how you are installing the television and how bright the setting is.   

For installation, the TV should be at the eye level to your location of watching, such as your bed or sofa. This way, you would not have to tip the neck up or down. 

The next thing that may put your eyes under strain is the environment or the lighting in the room where the TV is installed. It is better to have a darkened room. Why? It is because it allows you to set the brightness of your TV to a lower level, which will let the device exhibit its range of colours and contrast. 

You should know that as you start increasing the brightness of your TV, the colour and contrast decrease. Also, when you keep your TV dim, even it reduces the eye strain. Why? Just remember the last time you went to watch a movie during the day time. When you went outside after the show, the sun hurt your eyes. 

Have you ever wondered why? It is majorly because movie screens are kept dim, and the environment of a theatre is kept extremely dark for the same. But yes, it also does not limit the screen projector in displaying the entire range of colour and contrast. 

The next thing that is one of the most significant when it comes to protecting your eyes is that the television screen should be large for your viewing distance. It is suggested to maintain a distance of at least 4 feet between your TV and your viewing place to keep your eyes safe. It would also be good to keep 50 degrees diagonal, which is a good size to help you see everything without hurting your eyes. 

But, in case if you are still experiencing eye issues while watching TV even after considering all the discussed aspects, then it is the right time to consult an eye specialist. Your eyes may be getting affected by something else like being glued to your computer screen for a long time. 

Nowadays, it is the age of Smart TV, a type that you can convert to become almost like a computer, but doing that may also affect your eyes. It should only be used for presentations. You should also be informed to know that televisions are potent backlights that drive the image six feet or more. It is not appropriate for reading text in computer apps and can lead to eye strain. 

Leading TVs that you should install in a dark room to protect eyes 

1)- LG All-in-One 32 Inch HD Ready LED Smart TV 2019 Edition 

  • HD Ready 32 Inch 1366 x 768 pixels screen 
  • 10 W speaker system 
  • 60 Hz refresh rate 
  • IPS Panel 
  • 2 HDMI ports 
  • 1 USB port 
  • WebOS Operating System 
  • Access Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube and apps          

This model of LG LED TV is available in India at around Rs.16,000. 

2)- Lloyd 38.5 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV

  • Full HD 38.5 Inch 1920 x 1080 pixels screen 
  • 16 W speaker system 
  • 60 Hz refresh rate 
  • 3 x HDMI ports 
  • 2 x USB ports 
  • Linux based Operating System 

Buying this Lloyd LED TV in India is around Rs.28,000. 

These TV models, once installed in a dark room setting and allowed to display its full range of colours and brightness may work to keep your eyes protected. 

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