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Smart Web Design Tricks to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Smart Web Design Tricks to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Does your business have an online presence?

Well, if your answer is still NO, then it is a big problem. If you don’t look forward to getting obliviated from today’s vying business market, start working on crafting a stellar digital presence for your business ASAP.

Now, those who are being excited thinking “We do have a business website”, calm down! Having a business website is so common these days. Be it a startup, or small medium-sized business, or a large enterprise - most businesses have that. Having just a digital presence for your business is not enough today to stand out from the crowd.

Well, you may wonder “What’s up with such pessimistic thoughts!” But I’m simply stating the facts.

In today’s digital era, a business is nothing without an engaging digital presence. So, now, your concerns should be somewhat like these -

“Is my website design is intriguing enough to attract new visitors?”

“Is my website design engaging enough?”

“Is the web design as per the market standard?”

“Do people find my site trustworthy?”, etc.

To stand out from the crowd and to be the “chosen one”, you have to make sure your web presence is not only up-to-date but also follows the ongoing market trends.

Here, I’m going to jot down some smart web design tricks that can transform your business’s digital presence and take your business growth to new heights.

  • Parallax Scrolling

No idea what it is? Let me give you an easy example. 

You know the dating app “Tinder”, right? The “right swipe” and “left swipe” got popular from Tinder only! This is called parallax scrolling. It is an innovative web design trick to make the navigation process much easier for your site visitors.

When a user faces issues in exploring through the choices, he or she can get irritated at any time, lose patience and proceed onward to the next alternatives. Also, we are always a bit lazy to click around a site. This is where parallax scrolling comes in the picture.

Using it, you can design the site in a more interesting way. Instead of opening a huge number of web pages and making the choice harder for the users, you can implement this uneven scrolling effect that is both visually appealing as well as engaging. No wonder why it has become one of the trending web design tricks these days.

  • Video Landing Page

The lazier options you offer the users the more they like you. It may sound funny but it is the truth. According to a Statista report, every week, 78% of internet users watch videos online. So, it is quite obvious that incorporating video into your business web design is an effective idea. Now, this doesn’t mean you can just embed any old YouTube video! Then what to do? Let’s see.

An autoplay video on the starting webpage - sounds interesting, right? The moment a visitor comes to your site, how about a video starting automatically that gives an overall idea of the site, what you do, how you are different from your competitors and promotes your brand in an acceptable and creative way.

Undoubtedly, images and content are still crucial for any successful web design. However, creating a video landing page will result in enhanced user experience which in turn can boost your business profit.

However, while implementing video on the landing page, you should keep the following points in mind.

The video should not be too short or not too lengthy

Whenever a visitor comes to the page, the video should start playing automatically

The video should be related to your business

  • Animated Calls to Action

No matter how much effort you have put for website design unless you have added calls-to-action on the page, everything is meaningless. Unless you tell your visitors what to do explicitly, they will not know what they are supposed to do. Also, you have to do this repeatedly.

However, if you think that just telling your visitors what to do is enough, you are wrong. Customers are accustomed to getting instructions and directions from every corner of the internet. So, if you want your effort not to go in vain, spice things up with a little animation. With animated call-to-action, you can easily grab the visitor’s attention.

Be it a micro-mini interaction such as Facebook has the “Like” button or simply any effect, make sure to have some kind of animation that can grab your customers’ attention to the call-to-action buttons.

  • Custom Typography

Another web design trick that can do the magic for your website is to use custom typography. Typography is often ignored. But it is an integral part of web design that should not be overlooked.

When I’m talking about creative and unique typography, it is not about the basic boring stock fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Those days are long gone. It is 2019 and you have to come up with something new and interesting. So, you can opt for some typography that encompasses the identity of your brand and convey the intended messages rightly to the visitors.

Use custom fonts in your web design and highlight the important messages and information the way you want.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a fantasy. It is very much real and you can leverage the power of AI in your business’s web design. With AI, you have so many possibilities. However, in the field of web design, you can see personalization, chatbots, machine learning, etc. are being implemented the most.

Today, consumers are looking for an inclusive experience when browsing for products or services. And chatbots create exactly that kind of user interaction. When you incorporate chatbots in your web design, users can ask questions and get replies in real-time. It is really helpful to build strong customer relationships. Also, you can save a lot on the overall operational costs. So, you too can or rather you should integrate AI in web design to foster brand loyalty.

These were a few web design tricks that are trending a lot in the market recently. However, other than all the things mentioned above, here is a list of some apparent yet extremely important aspects of the web design process that needs your special attention.

  • Improve Page Loading Speed

Why people would waste their precious time and wait for your page to load when they have plenty of other similar kinds of options available in the market! This is why you should look after the page loading speed of your website.

Along with other businesses, this page loading speed is very crucial, especially in the eCommerce business sector. A delay of two-second in the load time during a transaction can be a potential reason to lose a valuable customer.

  • Use High-quality Images

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. In the web design process, make sure to use high-quality images so that it looks attractive and visitors find it appealing. When a visitor finds blurry or not-so-clear images on your website, it creates a negative impression. Your visitors may think you are not careful enough with your website design, then you can do the same with the clients’ website as well.

Also, it is better if you do not use stock photos or images on the main website page. Using stock images for blog posting is okay but for the main pages of the website, you should put more effort.

  • Social Media Integration

To build stronger customer engagement, your business must have a social media presence these days. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. some globally renowned social media networks. Now, to get the desired success, your web design process should include the integration of these various social media buttons to the website.

  • Contact Page Optimization

We have already talked about how CTAs should be placed in the right place with the right pitch. So, you are probably already aware of the fact that visitors should be able to contact you effortlessly. Make sure to make that process so easy that they do not need to put much brain in that.

In the contact page, it is better not to sell or pitch. The consumer just wants information and make sure to do that only.

  • Try to keep It Simple

Clean, minimalistic, and simple web designs are trending these days. So, hold your horses while designing a page and make sure not to show all your designing skills on a single page. It will make things messier. With too many visual elements like the flash, animation, etc., the web page will look cluttered. Also, excessive use of different visual elements will slow down the page loading time.

  • Wrapping Up

Successful web design companies offer seamless customer experience to the visitors. Be it a specific destination page or filling up the submission form, you have to devise a clear navigation path for the visitors through an impressive web design process.

To incorporate in web design, you have several design elements to choose from. No matter what you choose make sure your choices are reflecting the following.

Provide visitors with sufficient information so that they can make an informed choice

Represent your brand

Grab users’ attention to the CTA buttons

So, follow the tricks and enjoy the wonders!

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