The Rise in Online Tutoring in the UK and the Benefits It Provides To Students & Parents

With a number of UK classrooms having up to 30 students per class, it is pretty much impossible for teachers to teach each student on a case by case basis. Many teachers struggle to give sufficient attention to each student during school time as well as be able to follow each student’s progress. As a result of this, many students fail to reach their true academic potential which can lead to lack of confidence and lower grades. 

As we all know it is crucial for children to acquire a lot of attention, kindness and care in order for them to grow up to become better and happier human beings. With teachers playing a crucial role in each child’s academic and personal development, it is vital that teachers deliver such attention to help with their educational success. 

To support this, author Jason Okonofua carried out a study to demonstrate the importance of teachers when it comes to student success. In May 2016, he explained in an interview with the Huffington Post that “When teachers show an interest in students this helps to humanize students. It allows them to no longer see them only as labels but as people who grow up, who can change, and who can learn to behave more appropriately with help.”

With so many crowded classrooms and teachers not having enough time in the school day to focus on each child individually, many parents are now choosing to find private academic tutors for their children. This enables the student to continue learning outside of school and follow a curriculum that is tailored to meet his or her individual academic goals. 

Today, the market in private tuition for school subjects represents approximately £2 billion per year in the UK. This substantial sum makes the UK one of the top spenders of private tutoring worldwide. There is also now a huge growth in the demand for online tuition versus offline tuition. Similar to e-commerce, health and other sectors, the demand for online tutors has increased threefold in recent years. This is because parents are finding that online tutoring allows them to schedule lessons more easily and online tutors offer better pricing along with many other benefits which offline tutoring doesn’t permit. As a result, Education Technology (EdTech) is a fast-growing market in the UK. The overall market is worth £6.5bn in the UK with approximately 2.8 million pupils being tutored at any one time. 

Online private tutoring such as comes with a number of advantages to the student, these include – 

 Identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses in more detail.

 Increasing the student’s confidence

 Improving student concentration

 Preparing the student for important exams such as SATs, GCSEs and A Levels.

 Improving the student’s overall grades

 Revising course content and homework

Online tutoring companies, for example also provide many benefits to the parents such as the following – 

 Regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss the students’ performance

 Flexible and convenient lessons to fit around the students and parents schedule

 No need to travel to a tutor or tuition centre or have to wait around for a tutor to

come to the house

 The student can learn from the comfort and safety of their own home

 Pay As You Go lessons with no long-term contracts involved in pricing

A best example of such company that provides great online tuition benefits to both students and parents is online tutoring company – a one-to-one online tutoring platform where students can engage and interact in live online tuition lessons with highly- qualified tutors – anytime, anywhere!

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