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Best Possible Solution to Recover and Repair BKF File in Windows

Best Possible Solution to Recover and Repair BKF File in Windows

ashish srivastava 806 20-Nov-2019

BKF file is not accessible and creating issues while trying to restore the data back! If you are facing the same issue then there could be corruption in the BKF file. Let’s explore the solution to repair and recover corrupt BKF file. So, follow this article until the end

Creating a backup is always a clever move as it makes the restoration of your data possible in a situation like data loss or data disaster. Data disaster recovery becomes easy when you have a “Healthy” BKF file. As I’ve quoted the Healthy word, it is important to have a backup file that is not infected or inaccessible. There could be a number of reasons for the corruption and infection in the BKF file or for the inaccessibility of the BKF file. Possible reasons are:

  •   Software Failure
  •    Virus Attacks 
  •    Hard Drive Sector Failure

There are various methods to backup your data. Whether you are using NTbaxkup, Symantec Backup or Veritas backup, they all create a backup file that is having an extension .bkf.

Why Do We Need to Recover Corrupt BKF File?

Data is always vulnerable. To save it for the sake of risk, backup is a great way. But, what will you do if the backup also goes corrupt or inaccessible! Curious! In such a condition even backup file needs to be repaired because that’s the beacon to get your data back. So to overcome the data loss situation, it is required to have a healthy BKF file. There could be a number of catalysts to invoke data loss, such as:

  • Disk Crash: It could be a pain in the arse when the disk goes vulnerable or crashes. It is possible that your BKF data was in the same sector and it also got affected by that. In such a case it is required to repair the BKF file to get back all your data in the previous state.
  • Virus or Malware Attacks: If your data gets infected due to viruses or any malware then there is a big chance that all the backup data have got infected and impossible to restore. This could make the backup a tidy or impossible process. So, it is required to recover corrupt BKF file.
  • Unsecure Application Utilization: This is always required to take backup using a trusted tool. If the backup application is untrusted or not that good then it can lead to a poor quality backup file that can easily get corrupt. As a result, the BKF file recovery becomes important. Some of the trusted backup applications are NTbackup, Symantec Backup, and Veritas Backup tool.
  • Interference during Backup: During the backup process, if any interference takes place, it makes the process hang up. In such a case the backup file created by the process is incomplete or corrupt, in such a case we need to repair the backup file.
  • Abrupt System Shutdown: System files are like electrons to the computer system. Whenever they get closed sharply or without a proper manner they get corrupt and creates issues to other parts as well. So, an abrupt system shutdown can cause loss to the system files that can also make BKF corrupt or inaccessible.

These are the most possible reasons to perform the recovery of BKF file in Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. Now, moving forward, we will get to know, how to perform the BKF File Recovery.

How to Perform the Repair and Recovery of Corrupt BKF File?

To overcome the permanent data loss it is required to recover corrupt BKF file. But, you can also take a precaution to create a restore point in your Windows system. It will help you to revert your system to a previous state when the BKF file was healthy and corruption-free.

        Creating the Restore Point using Control Panel:

  1. Go to the Start screen and type Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Control panel and then select System.
  3. Select the System Protection.
  4. Hit System Protection tab and then click Create.
  5. Give a description in the System Protection dialog box, and then click on the Create button.
  6. A small System Protection info box will appear with a progress bar and the text “Creating a restore point…”

Best Possible Solution to Recover and Repair BKF File in Windows

7. Soon you’ll get, “The restore point was created successfully” notification.

Best Possible Solution to Recover and Repair BKF File in Windows

8. Select the file, history, and click on the restore your files with the file to open Windows backup files.  

9. Then a new window will appear, just click on ‘use the new location’ option.

Repair BKF file using the Ntbackup.exe Utility :

NTbackup.exe is an integrated tool to repair the backup file. Follow the below steps to perform the BKF file recovery:

  1. Download and launch the NTbackup.exe utility as Administrator.
  2. A message will appear as a “Removable Storage Service”. Click on the OK button.
  3. A window will appear “Welcome to Backup or Restore Wizard”. Click on the Next to continue.
  4. Opt for the option “Select Restore files and settings” and click on the Next button.
  5. Opt for the BKF file to be restored and hit OK.
  6. Choose the files by expanding the Left-side pane.
  7. Hit on the Advance button.
  8. Then, open dropdown list from Restore Files to and select the Alternate Location option.
  9. Give the Saving Location. Then, Next >Finish.

NTbackup can easily repair your Windows BKF file but there is an issue with this utility. The issue is its limitation to repair only a minor level of corruption and sometimes, it also creates changes to the original data file that makes it unrecoverable. So, it’s better to go for a better method or BKF Recovery Utility.


I hope that you have learned the way to repair and recover corrupt BKF file with ease. As I’ve told you earlier that creating the restore point can help you to revert back your data to the previous state, so always create restore points from time to time or use a utility like NTbackup or a professional tool to deal with your valuable BKF file.

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