Lips without Lipstick are Like Cake without Frosting

Lipstick is the best friends of every girl no matter where you are going or what you are wearing applying a lipstick never goes wrong. But, buying the right lipstick is still a struggle for so many of us.

So, here is few things that you should keep in mind while buying a lipstick next time.

Consider you needs before buying a lipstick

As the market is flooded with different types of lipsticks that along with giving beautiful color serves other purposes like moisturizing lips, giving them glossy look or giving them matt look and etc. therefore it is essential to consider what you actually want in a lipstick.

Consider the shelf life of lipsticks

Shelf life of lipstick means its manufacture date and the date of expiration and maximum of the lipsticks have a shelf life of two to three years therefore always consider the shelf life of lipsticks before buying them so that you can use them for a longer period of time.

Consider that you do not buy same shade again and again

There are numerous shades of lipstick available in the market even if you consider buying lipsticks from different brands it usually happens that finding the difference between the shades is difficult. Therefore choose rationally so that you do not keep on buying same shade again and again.

Consider whether the lipstick is nontransferable

It’s great that the lipstick is nontransferable but do you know that such lipsticks tends to dry out the lips. But still you are looking for nontransferable ones that consider other features like is it hydrating or not comes with a moisturizer or not and etc.

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  Modified On Nov-25-2019 06:24:24 AM

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