5 Advantages Of Hiring Full Stack Developer Over Front End And Back End Developer

5 Advantages Of Hiring Full Stack Developer Over Front End And Back End Developer

Full-stack development of a website or application means working on all of its aspects from start to finish. 

5 Advantages Of Hiring Full Stack Developer Over Front End And Back End Developer A full-stack developer works on front-end as well as back-end technology. He or she works on the databases, servers as well as systems engineering. He or she has several functions such as developing front end and back end architecture, user interface designing, application programming interface or API designing, coding, mobile phone optimization, handling technical issues and so on. In short, a full stack developer is responsible for the website or application entirely.  

A full-stack developer has a wide range of knowledge in various fields. He or she performs a variety of functions based on this knowledge. Some of these functions include:-

  • Network, Server as well as Hosting Environments: A full stack developer can work alongside DevOps. He or she can work in the file system, network resources, and cloud storage as well.
  • Data Modelling: A full stack developer knows how to model data, that is, a relational model that has indexes, foreign keys, lookup tables, and so on. He or she is familiar with non-relational as well as relational data stores.
  • MVC, API, and Action Layer: A full stack developer can use various frameworks to create interfaces that are simple, efficient, and highly user-friendly. He or she can create a layout that is readable as well as visually appealing to the viewers.
  • User Experience Design: A full stack developer works on ensuring that the user experience is satisfying. He or she ensures that the user can get the work done with a few simple clicks rather than performing complex actions on the website.
  • Business Needs and Requirements: A full stack developer works on making the website cost-effective as well as marketable. He or she ensures that the product stands out in the competitive business market by understanding and fulfilling the needs of the customers.

Full Stack Developer V/S Front End Developer 

Front end developers are proficient in front end languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They are responsible for the client-side of the website. They work on Search Engine Optimisation, graphic design, tools of image editing, web performance, usability testing, browser compatibility, and so on.

Full Stack Developer V/S Back End Developer 

Back end developers work on the server-side of the website. They are proficient in back end languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and so on. They work on database management and transformation of data and are skilled in MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle as well. They also work on network availability and scalability. They ensure the security of a website.

5 Advantages Of Hiring Full Stack Developer Over Front End And Back End Developer

Hiring a Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developers have good knowledge of all the technicalities required to develop a website. They can aid all the members of the team involved in the project. They can help in reducing business expenditure while increasing business income.

5 Advantages Of Hiring Full Stack Developer Over Front-End & Back-End Developer

  1. Front-end and Back-end Knowledge: A full stack developer knows both a front-end developer and a back-end developer. He or she can perform either function depending on the need of the project. He or she can assist in any part of the project.
  2. Can Be Responsible for the Entire Project: A full stack developer can take full responsibility for the project. He or she can be accountable for the MVP development. He or she can make codes and can work on the User Interface design as well.
  3. Reduces Business Expenses: When you hire a full stack developer you do not have to hire many individual professionals who are proficient in different fields. It helps to reduce business expenses as you can pay one person for the entire work of the project.
  4. Effortless Maintenance of the Website or Application: A full-stack developer is always up-to-date with the latest technical updates. It means he or she can work from time to time on updating the website as required. He or she can also handle technical glitches and problems as they arise. A well maintained and updated website is sure to get a lot of traffic.
  5. Comprehensive Work and Faster Project Delivery: Full-stack developers usually work as a team. They divide the work of project development and that of project design and work in coordination with each other. Dividing responsibility among the members ensures quick and comprehensive work.

Hiring full-stack developers are exceptionally beneficial to large firms. When hiring a full-stack developer, you can opt for a freelancer for a single project or a full-timer for several projects. A full-stack developer will satisfy your business needs and help your enterprise in the most productive way possible.

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