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How Mi Air Purifier 2S is Taking over Indian Market after Smartphones & TVs

How Mi Air Purifier 2S is Taking over Indian Market after Smartphones & TVs

Kedy SEM 493 18-Nov-2019

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi seems to have conquered the hearts of the Indian consumers up to a large extent. As surprising as it sounds, since its launch in India through next level smartphones, Xiaomi has left no stone unturned in becoming the top favorite of the country. The overwhelming feedback of Indian customers about smartphones motivated the giant electronics manufacturer to launch smart TVs in India. And to turn dreams into reality, Xiaomi has partnered with Dixon technologies so that they could manufacture smart TVs locally within the boundaries of this country. 

And guess what? 

After reigning over the electronics market for about 4 years now, Xiaomi has managed to sell about 500,000 TV units during the first six months of its launch. The previous achievements combined with the current one seem to have raised the spirits of the company and inspired them to launch a product of a different genre. 

What is the current strategy of Xiaomi?

The company announced the introduction of an air purifier named Mi Air Purifier 2S in 2018. And after a few months, precisely on 25th September, the product went on sale on some of the popular e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon. According to the spokesman of the company, the product will soon be made available across various MI stores as well as other electronics offline stores within the country. 

What is the product priced at?

Currently, you can get this air purifier at INR 8,999 without any deals and discounts and only via or This is an upgraded model of the first-ever air purifier branded by Xiaomi. 

Why should you grab this product as soon as you can?

With the hype it’s been getting from the Indian audience, it is not a wonder how large units of this technology-driven air purifier are selling at the click of the eye. So there must be some cool specifications which are driving the consumers crazy and luring them towards scrolling the buy option online. 

If you are currently in a dilemma about whether to spend on this air purifier then checking out some of the specifications might come to your rescue.  

A Brief Review of MI Air Purifier is shared over here just for you so that you can thank us later! Read more about this best air purifier here.

What you need to know

The first look at the purifier will greet you with a large OLED display. This OLED display will let you know about a plethora of attributes about your indoor air. For example the current quality of your air (healthy, polluted or something in between), temperature, humidity and also some hi-tech features which you will get to know if you decide to give it a try! And since you are purchasing it to improve the quality of the air you would want to keep it ON all the time especially the night since everyone is supposed to be at home. 

However, would you prefer the bright light of this device straining your eyes? 

No right! 

Fortunately, the manufacturers have fused in special sensors inside this equipment which can adjust the brightness of its display with the lighting of your room automatically without you having to fumble with the controls. 

In a country like India where air pollution is one of the greatest concerns of the citizens, the indoor air is also expected to be severely polluted. That is why this air purifier is crafted using such impressive technology so that it can trap air particles as minute as 0.3 um. The 3 layer filtration technology is to be thanked for such thorough levels of air purification. The outermost layer is tasked with the straining of the large airborne particles like human or animal hair as well as dust. The middle layer performs the astonishing task of filtering micron-sized particles so pay all your gratitude to Japan from where this technology is sourced. The innermost layer makes sure your room remains fresh thus removes traces of any harmful odor in the room. 

To control the gadget all you have to do is to download the mobile app and then you can keep a strict check on your air quality even if you are away. 

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