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7 things you need to know about copper washers & gaskets

7 things you need to know about copper washers & gaskets

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Copper washers and gaskets are tiny pieces of hardware that are used for ensuring efficient processing of various large-scale operations in the manufacturing industry. They provide strength to different engines, appliances, equipment, and machines and ensure their long-lasting & fault-free functioning. The washers are very thin plates with a hole in the center and are fitted between a fastener and mating surface to spread the load of the fastener and prevent the surface from getting damaged. On the other hand, gaskets are used in the industrial sector to prevent the leakage of gases and liquids from steam engines and other machinery. 

One material that is widely used in the industrial sector for all good reasons is copper, that’s why the manufacturers use copper for making gaskets and washers. To provide you more information regarding these incredible tiny pieces of hardware, we are listing down 7 things that you should know about copper washers and gaskets:

Conductivity: Copper provides excellent thermal conductivity, and this is the reason that makes it the standard by which all the other conductors are measured. Gaskets and washers made from copper provide high thermal conductivity that makes their turning easier in high vibrations and temperature applications.

Strength: Copper gaskets and washers possess high tensile strength that allows them to withstand high-pressure and temperature conditions without any wear & tear. The strength feature ensures that the washers and gaskets function efficiently well during the processing of various industrial applications.

Elasticity: With a 25% coefficient of elasticity, the copper gaskets and washers can stretch up to 5 inches before they rupture. This adds a safety feature that no other gasket material can provide. By using copper gaskets and washers, the manufacturers can eliminate the chances of downtime or injury in their production processes.

Types: There are different types of washers and gaskets available in the market that help the manufacturers to meet the rising requirements of different machines and equipment. The gaskets and washers have simplified the functioning of various equipment and also prevent them from damages.

Utilization: These incredible pieces of hardware are used in different industries like automobile, aerospace, engineering, electronics, spacecraft, power stations, electrical plants, and many others to name. This shows the importance of copper washers and gaskets.

Purpose: The main purpose of a gasket is to seal the cylinders in such a way that there is no leakage. A copper gasket can be used in critical sealing applications owing to its ability to withstand elevated temperature and pressure conditions. On the other hand, the main purpose of a copper washer is to distribute the fastener’s load to prevent the mating surface from damages.

Malleable: Owing to the malleable property of copper gaskets and washers, they create a tighter seal and joints that prevent their loosening even under strong vibrations. With tighter joints and seals, there will be fewer chances of faults and downtime.

Gasket manufacturers and copper washer exporters in India prefer copper among other materials as it provides longevity and strength to the hardware. The copper washers and gaskets have malleable properties that allow them to withstand high pressure and elevated temperature conditions. They are used several industries to process various applications in an efficient and hassle-free manner. These pieces of hardware are lightweight that provides them the benefit of portability and can perform damage freely for an adequate time period. Owing to them, the safety level in the industrial sector has been increased, and the processes have become easier to cater to. The copper washers and gaskets are the ones that you can trust on and worth every penny of your money.

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