Why It’s a Good Idea to Learn React Native?

Why It’s a Good Idea to Learn React Native?

Enterprises obviously want app development frameworks that can roll out high performance, top quality and reliable apps. They want a streamlined app development process for creating market-ready apps in the shortest span of time. That’s why, for most enterprises and app developers today, Node.js – a cross-platform run time framework built on the JavaScript engine – has become the preferred framework for app development. Since its launch, Node.js has become a popular choice especially for real-time applications be it for Microsoft, OS X,IOS, UNIX or Android. Initially launched in 2009 at the annual European JSConf, Node.js was hailed as “the most exciting single piece of software in the current JavaScript universe”. But it wasn’t until 2014 that large scale adoption of server-side JavaScript with Node.js began, and since 2014 the adoption of Node.js has been high.

So What Factors have made Node.js so Popular? 

Ideal for real-time applications

Node.js has the ability to rapidly create real-time apps meant for multiple users. Examples of such apps are gaming and chatting apps. Its synchronization process is inherently fast and serves both the client side and server side. 

Allows faster data streaming 

Node.js has real-time video and audio encoding, which means that even the requests taken as isolated events are actually data streaming. This also reduces the processing time required by developers because Node.js can process requests without delays. Synchronous processing in an app assumes that code is executed in a sequence. Each existing request blocks a new thread, making other requests wait. But asynchronous processing allows requests to be processed in parallel. That helps Node.js make the most of single threading, resulting in short response time and concurrent processing.

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