Jace T McDonald best selling author shares business secrets that you deserve to know about.

JaceTmcdonald.com is working to help indian country, tribes all over the USA take advantage of financial platforms that banks and hedge funds use to earn better on their own money.

IF there was a better way to do something, would you rather know the first day or the last?

Well his national team of affiliates, including board member of NGIA, national gaming indian association, sees the value of what Growth Platforms llc has to offer indian country.

A tribally owned service educator Tribalinitiative.com has committed educational materials in conjunction with president of Legion Capital, Bradley Hilton from the family of hotels. The commitment to inform indian country on these opportunities working as a lender member and locking in fixed rates, with such options as self directed IRAs, trust accounts and education funds, including working with 401k plans education.

The passion of JT. McDonald to assist indian country has crossed over into assisted care homes needs, pharmacy and RX costs effecting indian country. His 25 plus years of business contacts are helping him change the face of hopes and dreams in indian country for our elders and youth.

Please take the time to be educated on the new options available for your tribe, business, elder and baby boomers with new solutions available to you.

Yes you can email info@growthplatformsllc.com.

JaceTmcdonald.com leading the way with innovation as the Wall Street Journal awarded him the GameChanger Brian Tracy section award, changing the way business is being done. Best selling author and business success guru helping you accomplish your goals.

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