Complete Details About Tata Capital Personal Loan Online

We all have heard about a proverb which says “Time is Money”. And we can’t get back wasted time with money. Understanding this notion, Tata Capital provides an option to apply for a personal loan online. With just a few clicks, you can apply for Tata Personal Loan Online without having any hassle. You can find the online personal loan application form on the website of Tata Capital. Tata Capital Personal Loan comes with many benefits and has a competitive interest rate. You can understand every small and big aspects of Personal Loan by Tata Capital by reading this article.

Tata Capital Personal Loan Online – Apply Instantly

Back in the days, banking used to be completely offline. For a personal loan, you had to give a number of visits to the bank branch. After the arrival of NBFCs, finance became easy. But one thing that remained the same is the fact that apply for a personal loan was a time-consuming process. With the emergence of FinTech, Tata Capital got its online presence. By providing an option to apply for person loan online, this NBFC has revolutionised the way we perceive personal loan. It’s no longer a lengthy process. You can easily avail Tata Capital Personal Loan Online and save your precious time and efforts.

Features and Benefits of Tata Capital Personal Loan Online

Apart from the benefit of applying online, Tata Capital Personal Loan has many features and benefits. They are –

Avail Tata Capital Personal Loan up to Rs. 25 Lacs

Instant approval to save your time and help you at the time of financial emergency

Long tenure to make the repayment process convenient for customers

Super-fast fund disbursal, within a few hours

Zero part-payment fees after 6 months

Overdraft facility

Less hectic documentation process

Option to track your loan application online

Check Tata Capital Personal Loan Interest Rate

One of the major concerns of people regarding personal loan is its interest rate. People believe that paying high-interest rate minimises the usage of personal loan amount. Being a major NBFC, Tata Capital lends personal loan at a low-interest rate. Check Tata Capital Personal Loan Interest Rate and other charges.

Tata Capital Personal Loan

Interest Rate

10.99% - 18%



2-6 years

Tata Capital Personal Loan

Pre-closure Charges

Up to 4% of the outstanding loan amount

Repayment Charges

No charges, allowable after minimum of 6 EMIs

Processing Fee

Rs. 1499 onwards + GST

Minimum Income

Rs. 20,000 per month

Loan Amount

Minimum- Rs. 75,000

Maximum- Rs. 25 Lakhs

Tata Capital Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

With Tata Capital, you don’t have to meet impossible eligibility criteria. As personal loan is availed in time of need, people often get frustrated when lenders ask numerous questions. With Tata Capital, it’s all matter of basic questions to understand your need and repaying capacity. For ease of convenience, Tata Capital categorises eligibility criteria into two section, for salaried employee and for self-employee professional. Check out the various Tata Capital Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria.

For salaried employee -

Applicants need to be salaried employee of any MNC, PVT. LTD. firm, state or central government, PSU, etc.

Applicants must have employment experience of at least 2 years.

The age limit for Tata Capital Personal Loan is 21-58 years old. To be eligible, one need to be in the range of age limit at the time of loan maturity.

The minimum and maximum loan amount that can be availed is Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 25,00,000 respectively.

He/she should have a minimum salary of Rs. 20,000 per month.

He/she should have a good credit score.

For self-employed professional –

To be eligible, one need to be self-employed professionals like Doctor, CA, CS, etc. Only those who have a good source of income.

He/she should have at least 3 years work experience in his current profession.

He/she should meet the age limit criteria which is 25-65 years old.

Tata Capital Personal Loan Document Required

Filled loan application form

Passport size photographs

Income tax pan copy

ID Proof

Residential proof

Income documents

Apply for Tata Capital Personal Loan with Afinoz

With Tata Capital Personal Loan, you can stay ahead at the time of financial need. As Tata Capital provides numerous benefits, borrowing a personal loan is a good idea. But what if you get additional benefits on Tata Capital Personal Loan? Will you still be able to ignore the thought of availing the personal loan? With Afinoz, you can avail personal loan for many purposes. Additionally, we provide cashback up to Rs. 5,000 at the time of loan disbursal. Visit Afinoz.

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