How to Soft Reset, Force Restart, and Factory Reset Your iPad with Ease?

How to Soft Reset, Force Restart, and Factory Reset Your iPad with Ease?

iPad is one of the best tablets of all time. They are highly versatile and flexible for any task. Some of them pack enough power to play high-end games and can be used for video editing. Meanwhile, some users put their device at risk by installing third party or un-trusted programs and apps. If you have also run into issues with your iPad, then a soft or factory reset might solve the problems on your device. It is recommended to do a factory reset of your iPad when there is an issue in your device, which is not getting solved with a simple solution. A factory reset is capable of making your iPad almost look almost new. Here’s how to reset your iPad. Let’s get started. 

How to Soft Reset an iPad?

Hold down the Power key on your iPad for a while, and when you see a slider on your iPad, you can release the Power key.

Now turn off your device by dragging the slider towards the right.

Wait for a few minutes after the iPad turns off, and then switch on the device again by holding the power key until the Apple icon appears on the screen.

This is called the soft reset.

How to Force Restart Your iPad?

If you experience your iPad not responding at all to your touches and the screen seems to be frozen, then you should Force your device to reboot. In such cases, you can’t use the soft reset or anything else because your device is not responding to your commands or taps. The Force Restart is the ultimate solution for this issue. Here’s how forced restarts your device:

Long press the Power and Home key together on your iPad.

When you see that your iPad turns off and then restarts, you can release the Home and Power key.

The Force reboot is performed successfully.

Your iPad doesn’t have the Home key then you can follow the tutorial mentioned below to do a force reboot:

Hit and quickly release the Volume Up key.

Hit the Volume down key and immediately release it.

Now long-press the Power key and release the button once the device reboots.


How to do a Factory Reset on an iPad?

As we told you in the starting, if a problem becomes tougher to an extent, then a factory reset will be the ultimate solution. It is also a good idea when you want to sell your device to someone. The factory reset will also remove all user data stored on your device. Here’s how to perform a Factory Reset on Apple’s iPad:

Head to the Settings on your device.

Go to the General option.

Navigate to the “Reset” option.

Hit the “Erase All Content and Setting” button.

Now when asked for confirmation Press the “Erase iPad” option.

Now your device will be restored to factory defaults. So you can enjoy the iPad, which is now free from any errors and viruses.

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