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The 11 Benefits of Salesforce

The 11 Benefits of Salesforce

Erica Johnason 1130 13-Nov-2019

Being one of the best CRMs, Salesforce has made up a prominent place for itself within the business industry over all these years. Considering the numerous benefits of Salesforce, most of the business owners are coming up with better ways to incorporate and make the best out of its features. There are many aspects that are going to get easier with the help of this platform.  

While you may still be a beginner, there are a lot of things to know about this platform, its features and all that it has to offer you. Certainly, you will be the most benefited by the functionalities and features it has to offer for easy management of organizational tasks. 

Benefits of Salesforce Development 

The efficiency of Salesforce had been known throughout the business industry. While you desire reliable outcomes, Salesforce emerges as the perfect answer. If you still doubt what good can be done or lack complete awareness about the CRM, here are a few benefits to convince you about the possibilities it brings to you: 

    1. Easy to Use 

A CRM that is too complex to maintain and manage may be a big mess even with the best of its features. You need to look for something that can be maintained and managed easily by your employees. The easy to use platform is one of the major reasons that support the increase in Salesforce adoption rate. 

The platform offers representatives with a better view through contacts, accounts and opportunities all at the same place. A 360 degree customer view allows representatives to make decisions that are more reliable and close deals faster. Navigation between modules and collaboration with colleagues gets easier. 

    2. Efficient Functionalities 

There is a wide range of features and functionalities that come along the default Salesforce CRM. These are perfect to cater to most of your organizational requirements. As the implementation process follows, the Admin can make alterations and seek solutions as per varying business requirements over time. 

    3. Customizability 

High customizability is another major benefit that this CRM offers over its competitors. Configurations would let you handle most of the requirements. However, there may be times when you may be required to extend these functionalities appropriately to meet up goals. 

In order to customize Salesforce, you may need expertise in Visualforce and ApexCode. Customizability that offers a complete solution is probably the greatest strength of Salesforce. 

    4. Scalable 

While you select the most preferable CRM, you not only need to consider your needs today but it is also important to ensure that the solution would prove to be scalable in the long run. Customizability and scalability makes this one of the best futuristic solutions. In the long run, this is undeniably one among the most important benefits of Salesforce. 

    5. Cloud-based Model 

Salesforce came up with the first cloud-based CRM that proved to be a perfect support to to meet up the real-world business requirements. While you may be expecting to start-up with things at their best, Salesforce offers you all the important elements most affordably. The various services with Salesforce will help you the best to work upon the different aspects of your business. 

    6. Manage Pipelines Efficiently 

Salesforce lets you grab every opportunity before it slips out of your hands. It lets you have a clear view of all the contacts, accounts and opportunities allowing representatives to come up with better decisions and maintaining a smoothly operating pipeline. 

    7. Reliable Reports 

Sales representatives are offered with all the features that allow them creating their own reports to view and analyze accounts they haven’t glanced at for quite long, products they sold, and prevailing opportunities in the pipeline. Dashboards and reporting charts would help them to measure their own performances over time and find out data that’s critical and can create any impacts on the operations and outcomes. 

    8. Improvement and Innovation 

The Salesforce community and team operate in appropriate coordination to avail clients with better solutions every day. Based on requests and customer feedbacks, they come up with relevant updates and features that can help in fulfilling required goals. To keep up their reputation, product functionality and client satisfaction, Salesforce comes up with new features and updates thrice every year.  

    9. AppExchange 

This platform is actually designed in a way that’s it can be used along with other applications to improve its functioning for required tasks. With AppExchange the users can avail all suitable applications that may be required for support and can help you accomplish goals in the most appropriate manner. Applications available with AppExchange can easily adapt to Salesforce marketplace. You may get all the required applications very easily available here. 

    10. Implementation Time 

Since it’s a cloud-based platform, the implementation time for Salesforce is much less than any other standard solutions. This subsequently reduces the Go-Live timeframe. If you require any customizations, the feature-rich solution can be configured very easily as per your expectations and easily incorporate them. 

    11. Track Customer Life-cycle 

Because of the efficiency it offers, Salesforce stands out to be the best among other CRM options available around. It comes along appropriate solutions for Sales representatives who can then track lifecycles for potential customers. Sales activities can be channeled perfectly using Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud; anticipating and catering to customer requirements. 

Pardot and Marketing Cloud would be helpful in tracing the journey of customers and gathering improved sales. Analytics can be further used for delivering customizable insights and obtaining deeper understanding of the performance of the team. 

Summing up 

Over all these years, Salesforce has been working diligently to meet the requirements of changing times, creating a brand name; retaining customers with their excellent services. The overall benefits of Salesforce, brings in collectiveness among customers and other stakeholders; creating harmony within the CRM environment. 

Understanding the best utilization of these features and services will let you come up with the most lucrative results regarding your organization. Salesforce Development would be one of the best decisions to fetch maximum profits. 

Updated 22-Dec-2022
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