The Tradition and Meaning of the Irish Jewelry Originated Far From Ireland

The Tradition and Meaning of the Irish Jewelry Originated Far From Ireland

Jewellery is all about the craftsmanship and the beauty of different metals used to adorn an individual. There are very few metals which cannot be used for making jewellery. Since metal have the durable and malleable, hence any shape or wires can be made out of it. But mostly we are acquainted with the metals like gold, silver, platinum, copper etc which are used to make the jewelries. Besides not only the metals, but they are also paired up with different precious, semi precious gemstones which makes them colorful. Earlier the kings and the queen used to have this jewellery as their precious assets which were worn by both of them. It was the mark of a higher class in the society too.

With the extinction of the kingdoms and the king’s rule, gone are those days. Now jewellery is not about the class but the fashion statement. Recently the Irish jewelries have found a huge popularity for its antique designs. They are having different styles and designs which makes them the exceptional one. They are elegantly crafted to signify the heritage of the Ireland with its unique piece of the craftsmanship. The silver metal is the common one for making the Irish jewellery but now they are also being crafted in gold and platinum too. Every single design is culled with the beautiful Irish culture and their age old tradition.

Different types of Irish jewelries

Irish jewelries have another part which is entirely different from the normal jewellery. They hold a meaning behind every designs and the pattern. It holds a deeper meaning that makes the jewellery the worthiest one. The Claddagh ring, Irish harp, Celtic cross, trinity knot is some of the most common and meaningful jewellery collection of the Irish jewels. Among all the Claddagh ring is the most popular and famous one. This ring symbolizes the enduring love of a couple which is designed as two hands hold a crowned heart. It also symbolizes the evergreen friendship between two hearts which is filled with love and loyalty. On other hand, the Irish harp is the symbol of the official emblem. They are found in many places I Ireland and are also designed in jewelries too. The other name for this design is the shamrock. We must also mention the trinity knot which is also the knot designed for the love and faith. Besides all these, you can also find different and symbolical jewellery sets like the necklace, rings, bracelets, brooches and many others to complete your fashionable looks.

Buy them online

If you are interested to buy the Irish jewelries, you need not to visit Ireland. They are available all across the world in variety of metals and stones. Even you can buy Irish jewellery online too which is the most convenient way of buying it. Online stores give you a wide variety of collection, at an affordable price range. Check out the online stores for you buy of Irish jewelries and surely you will love the collection.

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