Next-Gen Farming: Agricultural Machineries That Can Help in Growing

Mankind is still on the search for an alternative to food, but the fact is that it seems that we are far behind in this process and still we need to depend on agriculture. As a result, new ventures in the agricultural sector is uprising and old, established ventures are enlarging its own production. 

The sense of agricultural farming has changed in the last few decades and now it is almost fully dependent on machinery. As technology has taken the place of manpower, today’s farms are bigger than ever before. But as the farming technology changing, you may need to upgrade your machines for better production. Today I am going to discuss some issues related to upgradation of agricultural machinery’s that may be able to grow production 3 to 4 folds compared to previous.

Before upgrading your existing production facilities, you should know on which agricultural production process your farm is lagging behind. For example, you may have good sowing equipment, irrigation equipment but maybe your harvesting equipment is too old and performs slowly. That means, first of all, you need to improve the harvesting procedures. To automate your harvesting procedures you can choose some advanced machinery. For example, you can buy combine headers, combine header trailers etc.

But what to consider before buying advanced agricultural machinery’s?

Answer to this question is not simple. The way of buying appropriate machinery for your farm could be a troublesome work. So before taking final decision consider the following issues:

  • How big your farm is?

Often automated machinery’s are to be used in big farms. These machines can do even more what you expect. So, before buying any machinery you should know how are you going to use it, how long on each day will it be used and who will be the operator? If your farm is not that big, turn your face around from the big, giant machinery. Rather than, you can choose from the machinery’s that fits your farm’s capacity.

If you are thinking to upgrade the production, then do a estimate of your future growth and buy accordingly.

  • Do a cost-benefit analysis

Machinery are often used where there is an acute shortage of labor or the labor price is very high. Make a comparison of labor cost vs machine cost per day. If the labor price is low, you can opt for labor usage. But keep in mind, that human error is there and machines can actually overcome many errors done by the human.

Moreover, you can do a cost-benefit analysis from production to final selling of agricultural products. This analysis will give you a deep overview of what should you do? But in general, the upfront cost of using a machine is high but in long term it will turn in to profit machine!!

Agriculture sector are continuously evolving and technologies, machinery’s are capturing the way we do our business. Upgrading to next gen machines can decrease the time of producing agricultural profits and thus may increase the profitability of the business.

  Modified On Nov-16-2019 02:14:24 AM

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