How To Fix A Leaky Roof? Know The Right Tips Here

Summary: You can try to repair the leaky roof on your own with some safety tips and maintenance routine. Call professional roofers if you are not able to fix the issue.

A roof is at the top of all home owners’ maintenance list as it is subject to wear and tear. Once you know where the leak is from, it is important to replace the damaged shingles, seal joint gaps or patch tear in flat roll roofs. While a lot of fixes are simple to do, it is best that you call a roofer Atlanta for serious damages as they may be a sign of structural problem.

Well, tracking down the leak source is harder than the repair. Water travels very fast and damages the whole structure and so it is very important to track the source. Be prepared in advance and do some homework before you start with finding the leak source and problem. Water comes through broken, missing or worn out shingles or at places where there are loose nails, poorly sealed roof flashing, corroded chimneys or skylights or along intersection of the roof planes.

If you are serious about knowing how to fix a leaky roof, look for the leak source during the day. You can start with going into the attic with a flashlight, step on secure framing only and never on the topside or insulation. Start at the place where the drips occur and then move towards other areas, looking for wetness.

Safety Tips You Must Know

Working on the roofs may be dangerous and so it is crucial to keep some safety tips in mind before you tackle a roof repair:

• Adequate safety must be taken. Always try to use the safety ropes.

• You should be aware of the power lines when working on fixing a leaky roof.

• Roof repairs should be performed on a sunny, bright day when the roof is not wet. A wet roof is dangerous as it is slippery.

• It is good to wear rubber soled shoes for best traction.

• In case of steep roofs, try to use a ladder to have safe anchoring.

How to fix a leaky roof fast?

When you know that a roof leak is due to some hole, you can fix it temporarily using a 12x12 galvanized sheet metal flashing that is commonly available at home improvement or hardware stores. All you need to do is to just lift the shingle and push the sheet metal flashing underneath the shingle. This way, the sheet metal will cover the hole or leak.  

In case you are not able to handle the leak on your own, it is best to call a professional Atlanta roof replacement service provider and get the roof repaired as soon as possible.


It is good to conduct roof inspection during summer and spring months. Try to make it a habit and reseal around any chimney or plumbing pipes, vents or other objects installed on your roof like the satellite dish. Also, check for chimney mortar and flashings. You will see that doing so will not just reduce the chances of a leaky roof, but will even make the roof last longer.

Resource box: It is best to hire roofers if you are not sure of how to fix a leaky roof. There are professional Atlanta roof replacement companies that offer affordable services.

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