Problems of A Traditional Roofing System

Problems of A Traditional Roofing System

Summary: The traditional roofing system has some common problems that you must be aware of. Check out what roof problems require your immediate attention.

The roof is the most important part of your home. It not only keeps you safe and warm but also adds value to the property. A roofing system is a combination of several elements working together to keep the whole structure intact. As a homeowner, you must be aware of the most common problems that arise throughout the lifespan of the roof and how to handle them. Unless you are confident enough to climb up the roof and take care of the problems yourself, we recommend you to hire a Cartersville roof replacement company for the job.

Either way, you must be aware of the most common roof problems.

The Fascia

The horizontal front board of the roof is known as the fascia. It runs along the line of the roof, which is installed under the edges of the roof. Made typically from steel and wooden boards, the fascia is where the rafters, trusses, and several parts of the roof connect to the gutters. This structure of the roof has two main purposes of serving, first to provide additional protection for the roof and second to add curb appeal. Depending on the materials available locally, the roof repair contractor can use several methods to repair the fascia.

But what are the common problems here?

The band of metal or wood protects your home from the damaging effect of the weather by preventing rain and other elements from getting inside. While struggling with all the water, snow and heat, the most common trouble fascia has to face is decay and damage. Look for any signs of decay in the structure and get it repaired immediately.

The Soffit

The finished area under the fascia and the rafters is the soffit. In Latin, the word means ‘to fix underneath,’ these structures are designed to improve the flow of air and move moisture and heat away from home. Made from vinyl, the soffits play an important role in keeping rafters and sheathing from rotting.

You must check the soffits for holes, cracks, or decaying of any sort. If you find any such issue, address it immediately to avoid insects, water, and tiny critters from getting into the house. Cartersville roof replacement company will be able to provide the services immediately.

The Flashing

The flashing is the most important part of the roof, and its function is to close any open areas of the roof from which water can penetrate. Improper or damaged flashing is the most common cause of roof leakage. Depending on the type of roof, the flashing is either made of steel or aluminum. Located usually around valleys, drains, walls, chimneys and skylights, the main problem flashing has to face is deterioration.

Varying weather patterns and oxidation causes flashing to become loose and requires regular monitoring to ensure no such problems occur.


The only way to keep your roof safe from any damage is regular roof system inspection. Maintenance and preservation of the mentioned structures will increase the life of the roof and minimize repair requirements.

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